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: SnapCracklePop and Operator Error

10-05-2003, 02:21 PM
I mentioned this on another thread...thought it was relavent...?!

Beware the closetotheboat HIGH STICK!
I get all weird inside when I hear bitchin' about how this or that rod brand must be "defective" 'cause it broke for no apparent ("disclosed") reason...

Typically, the offending "victim" will not have a spare and, after the rod "failure", will turn to a companion and say "Mind if I borrow your extra rod?" (true that I can break another one that I don't even own!) NO WAY! Don 't reward bad technique unless you want to hear that horrible shattering snap one more time!
I'll bet 99% of the "failures" happen when the fish are close to the boat and involve a tip or an upper rod section...go figure!

...Two minutes in the penalty box for HIGH STICKING! ...and a trip to the post office with a tube destined for "customer service"...

Raise the rod tip much above 45* to the source of resistance and most of the lift is lost...
Critical pressure is transferred from the butt to up tip and... SNNNNNNAAAAAP!
"Musta' been the $#&*$ rod!"

Big bass and blues are tough enough, but mini-t-tailed-torpedo-racers are formidable and in a class of their own. They will test the drag of a marginally designed (cheap?) reel to destruction...'screw up with rod technique and you will join the dismayed broken rod brigade.
Bring your own spare in case of a "failure"...or be ready to sit on your hands or drive the boat.
Trying to chase down pods of fish is sorta' like herding cats!
A stampede of boats will put the fish down in a hurry...
If you can determine a general trend in direction then drift and let the dance come to you, your passing opportunities will pay off in spades. Way too many rude road-rage crazies out there!

But...what do I know?! I think I need a beer!
I am now stepping down off the soap box...thank you.