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: 9/26 CT Blitzes to Montauk Mayhem!

09-29-2003, 10:27 AM

Headed out of Old Saybrook @ 6:30am sharp. First stop was the Sluiceway. Drifted for about an hour hoping we would get our Albie fix early on in the day. Nothing going except for 3 cute little grey seals swimming around the boat. Neat to see. Next stop was the Ruins .. 3 drifts and Skunkola. Now might I add that by this time is was around 9-9:30am and we havent seen a bird yet . Not a Tern, Gull, Flicker... NADA! Not even @ The Gulls. Very strange indeed. Checked the weather and decided it was Montauk or Bust.

Arrived @ Shag around 10:30 . BIRDS BIRDS BIRDS!! and Boats Boats Boats. Good sign indeed. Had scattered Albies and Blues everywhere. The crowd was patient and no one was running them down. Went 0-2 on the Albies and 5-15 on blues and then just as we thought it was going to get better. Everything disappeared. POOF! nary a sign of life. Seconds after I thought "What Gives?" I saw 2 huge (2-3ft tall) fins come out of the water and started slashing the surface EEEEEK! Sharks! Well.. needless to say we didnt stay long. Next stop the light house.

Never in my entire life have I seen so many boats Runn and Gunn'n . Bass Blues and Albies... everywhere though. Picked up a good Dozen bass and blues and got skunked on the Albies. Blew back to CT to find Stripers and Blues on every major Beach and Point from Millstone to the CT river.

A fantastic day on the water overall.