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: Poetic justice

Dble Haul
09-29-2003, 09:15 AM
After dealing with the car problems over the weekend, Bert and I were really in the mood on Sunday to get into some more fish. We popped in to see Harry at Nauset Angler and test drove the 9 and 10 weight TFO rods designed by Lefty Kreh....if I didn't have a big mechanic bill on the horizon, I would have pulled the trigger on one of these bad boys. They are sweet and I was able to almost cast into the backing with just a few false casts.

We gave a few spots on the bay side a fair shot, but the action just wasn't there. We decided to start fishing our way back home towards CT, and Bert was able to get a nice striper at East Beach in RI. But the water was munged up pretty badly, so we moved on to our saving grace in CT for some shad. Upon arrival at 8:00, the tide was just beginning to really flow in and we found a point that we could wade to safely and an exit route for when the water drew higher. At some points over the next few hours, the bay looked like a jacuzzi with all of the fish busting. We were so energized by the action after a long day and the frustrations associated with car trouble. The fish did everything but jump into our stripping baskets.

Karma, thy name is hickory shad!