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: I Missed Out on Howzer Makin' News

09-24-2003, 12:07 AM
Doublespey forwarded this article to me after he saw good ole Nate on TV (as well as WDFW Biologist Curt Kreamer).

Salmon runs coming in strong
09:56 PM PDT on Monday, September 15, 2003


With all the public concern over the health of fishing stocks, some anglers must be wondering why the salmon fishing has been so great recently,

Last Thursday, 46,000 salmon were counted moving up the Columbia River. The Puyallup has a strong run of hatchery fish and well over 1 million pink salmon are expected to head up the Skagit. The Stilliguamish and Snohmish rivers are also very strong. .

The season for salmon fishing in Western Washington has been unusually good.
But why?

"It has to do with the whole food web. What's out there for them to feed on. Things like krill, herring, anchovies," said University of Washington climate scientist Nate Mantua.

Mantua said the key is cold ocean water, which sets the table for salmon during their years at sea, but also takes salmon off the menu for warm water fish like mackerel, sending them south.

"We've had relatively cold coastal ocean temperatures," Mantua said.

But all is not rosy.

Biologists are still concerned about the returns of wild Chinook, which may comprise only 15 percent of the Chinook returning to our region's rivers.

"They're really very complex animals. And every time we try and stick these animals into some sort of box, it wants to jump out of it," said Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife biologist Curt Kraemer.

Kramer said river conditions have also been favorable, but the dry summer also raises concerns about the future of Coho, that spend a lot of time in rivers before heading out to sea.

The experts say it's impossible to predict whether next year's runs will be as strong as this years, but recent years have been a pleasant surprise.

09-24-2003, 02:05 AM
As much as I hate to admit it, since MMM would call me a raper of the land. But been doing some fishing on the Puyallup for the hatchery silvers. Have had phenominal days. In fact, been so good, my kids have been doing extremely well too. Aggressively hitting in the tidewater.

As a matter of fact. My daughter caught her first fish ALL BY HERSELF! I mean, she cast the rod, she got it into the slot, she set the hook, and she got the fish to the net. Was the first, and smallest, fish of the day. But was a joy to see. Here's a pic of her with her first fish.
Has been great. Even with the nets in. Been tremendous amounts of fish in to catch. All hatchery fish too. Great for smoking or BBQ'n. Just the right size.

09-25-2003, 11:52 PM
That is sure the age to start them, if you want them to enjoy the sport. I think the young lady is hooked on fishing, don't you?