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: West of Point Wilson.

09-23-2003, 10:59 AM
Was out on a 3 day sail over the weekend and on Sunday we left the sheltered confines of Mystery Bay and set sail in a light 5 to 10 knot Northwesterly. Worked our way out past Point Wilson and on the outside of the very large rip that takes place there we trolled a conventional rig with a dodger and hootchie. Once to the NW corner of the rip about 4 miles out we started to hook into silvers as fast as we could put the rig back into the water after each fish. This was under full sail and no sounds of engine it was a great way to fish. There was no activity on the surface at all but decided to get the fly rod out put one of my striper flies on with the floating line and see what would happen. When fishing the conventional gear I had the hootchie down at least 15 feet but with the fly rod my streamer was waking the surface. It didn't make a difference the silvers came up and smashed it all the same. Though not one of Leylands famous poppers they hit it just the same. I think these silvers really like seeing surface action from below. Thought about putting the Kayak over the side so I could cast for them but I'm not sure that being in that rip 4 miles or so out would have been such a great idea seeing my sailing partner did not have much experience at working a 32 foot sloop under full sail. Though trolling is not the same as casting to fish the fight was just about the same. I'd bring the boat up into the wind, stall and fight the fish off the stern. Nice runs and nice to see fish alive and well. With the conventional gear we just kept sailing and reeled them in with hardly any fight at all. All the fish were between 4 and 6 pounds bright and beautiful, sealice and all were clipped. We had a great fresh Salmon dinner that night at anchor over in the Port Ludlow area.