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: 9-16 Quonny

09-17-2003, 10:49 AM
Checked out the surf off Matunuck no signs of active fish and the waves are starting to get alittle big to wade in. Stoppped down to Quonny breachway. It was loaded with bait like Silversides, bunker and squid. They all gatrhered round my lantern making a huge bait ball. Found some fish feeding on the surface, couldn't get hooked up though. I think they could just swim around with there with their mouth open and gorge themselves the bait was so thick. Too much bait around in the breachway to get any bites for me. Still great to get out and see what's happening in Rhodey, ready for the Rhodey Clave soon. :)

Tight lines,

09-17-2003, 03:53 PM
How dirty was the water? Did you get a look at the surf on the outside? Was it dirty?
Still trying to tell myself things will settle for the weekend. I don't mind big surf [within reason], but dirty water really makes the two hour drive a gamble. The bait and bass activity has me excited though. I got a feeling this could be a memerable fall [we don't need no stinkin albies!]

09-17-2003, 05:48 PM
Hi Mike,

Water was cloudy and weeds levels are up both in the surf and the breachways. Wave sets had some big groups coming in to the beach, was watching them carefully before deciding it was too dirty and rough on the beach to fish comfortably. Not much happening inside, But that was yesterday. I agree about whether it's worth the drive or not, certainly not as great as last week.