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: Awesome weather, lousy fishing in Casco Bay

09-08-2003, 10:32 AM
Spent the weekend at our favorite family campground in the Casco Bay region of Maine.
The weather was spectacular! Absolutly perfect for outdoor activites. Fall is begining to take control in coastal Maine. Monarch butterflies and hawks were seen migrating by the dozens.

The fishing was surprisingly disappointing though. There were stories of big schools of bass busting earlier in the week and I watched a huge flock of gulls work well offshore for over an hour. Nevertheless, the whitewater was barren and we managed only 3 schoolies for the weekend. Of course it was very mellow, low intensity fishing [it was a family weekend], but white water in that area at this time of year should be loaded with bass day and night. Not sure where they went. I heard discouraging things from reliable locals about this season. The big blues have forsaken this area for several years due to lack of bait [IMO]. I'd hate to see the bass do the same.

Side note: The surf on Saturday was wild! I did some body surfing with boys and we got seriously tumbled! Eventually we had to get out of the water because there was so many tree trunks and ship timbers rolling in the wash.