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: Fisher's Island Sound Weekend Report-Not Too Much Fishing Content :(

09-08-2003, 08:26 AM
We woke Saturday to a dead calm beautiful September morning. My father and I gathered the gear and headed down to the boat as the sun was beginning to remove the chill that had since hung in the air. We left the Mystic River and turned East towards Watch Hill in hopes of tracking down some speedy fall gamesters or anything else that happened to cross our path. With the Fabian looming of to the South East, we were not sure how bad the swells were going to be. But the wind was non existent and except for the slightly increasing swells, Fisher’s Island Sound was FAC. As we neared Sugar Reef, the horizon began to get wavy. You could see the surf crashing on the jagged reef from a few miles away. As we neared Watch Hill Passage, the surf was pounding away. But with the offshore breeze, the waves and spray were held up beautifully. It was absolutely stunning. The bright blue fall sky, the sun trying its best to warm the area, the wind holding these waves seemingly vertical for minutes, and the sound of them crashing all added to the scene.

We snuck through the passage and left the chop and slop of Fisher’s Island Sound behind. It was now smooth rollers all along the Misquamicut Beach area. We ran east all the way to Weekapaug Breachway were nothing seemed to be going on. But the surfers were out in full force, bobbing and drifting along the rocky Eastern side of the Breachway. We stopped on the way back towards Watch Hill at some birds working the water near the Andrea, but there did not seem to be any fish around, and our casts proved this. From there we headed back in along Mason’s island throwing casts along the rocks hoping for a bass to make our day, but none were found.

After a stop back at home and picking up my mom, we headed West this time towards the Race. Upon arrival, we were greeted with birds working a mixed school of fish. After getting settled in with the other 4 or 5 boats there, we got into a pattern with the fish and were able to get fairly close to them. On one particular pass, we had the school explode all around the boat. My mother says there were green streaks…emerald green streaks….we know what that means. But my father and I are both on and then off, he on the spin rod, I on the fly rod. We both are cutoff, and I suspect blues are mingling. Others hooked up, but it seemed there was always a boat between us and the lucky angler and we were never able to get a look as to what was landed. We ended up not landing any fish that day, but it was just awesome being out there with the surf and September weather.

We headed back again on Sunday afternoon, but only could manage a handful of scup and the birds and busting fish were no where to be found. Both time frames involved the end of the incoming, but both days yielded different outcomes. The wind had switched on Sunday to a SW blow, and the Race was really ripping. I don’t know where the fish are, but with the amount of bait around, they’ve got to come in soon down there. The marina in the Mystic river had so many peanut bunker around it looked like it was raining. I was even able to use a landing net with HUGE holes to scoop some out onto the dock they were so thick. Another interesting sight was a school of Banded Rudderfish that have taken up residence in the marina. It is only a matter of time before the water temperatures make them wish they did not ride the Gulfstream up this far!

09-15-2003, 07:40 AM
Any day fishing w/ family is a day worth cherishing. You're lucky Nick to have had such days on the water with your mom and dad.

My best memories of my dad were the days when we fished together. I taught him everything he knew :devil:

Quite the contrary, he was an excellent angler and taught me the importance of reading water every time we went out.