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: Honeymoon fishing

09-02-2003, 05:56 PM
As many of you know, I will be getting married this Sunday and then we are off for a week in Can Cun. I have been given permission, indeed encouragement, to bring my fly fishing gear. I don't plan on hiring a boat or guide so my question for anyone in the know is is it realistic to wade the beaches for a couple hours in the early morning and expect to get a tug at the end of the line? The best I can give you in terms of actual location is it is 50 minutes from the airport on over a half mile of coastal reef. If it is realistic I'd also appreciate some simple pattern suggestions as well.

Thanks in advance!

09-02-2003, 07:26 PM
You are encouraged to bring your flyfishing gear on your honeymoon????? Looks like YOU should be giving us advise.....you "caught" the catch of the season!!! :-)
Best of luck on and off shore and congrats!!!
PS: just celebrated our "34th".....it can be done :-)

09-03-2003, 01:42 AM
have a wonderfull day
and a better life all the best for you and the mrs
and if a fish should be so kind as to pay you a visit

09-03-2003, 06:41 AM
i have no doubt that you'll be able to entice some local fish with a variety of patterns, i'd take a handfull of streamers, crabs and some wire, get out there early and show 'em who's boss.....thats right, its your WIFE.....:D

09-03-2003, 07:55 AM
Congrats Hawkeye! Have a blast!


09-03-2003, 08:11 AM
The area has some bones if you can find the right shoreline, so I'd definitely bring some gotchas, crabs, charlies, etc. I came very close to hooking a huge bone in Bermuda (which isn't supposed to have bones) on a mini-deep eel so bring some tan shrimp flyfur clousers in xtra small.

Cuda have got to be around so the wire advice is good. I found them fairly easy to hook but landing is another story :eyecrazy:

Bring some good protection for your feet, coral is sharp and there are some creatures in the mud you don't want to step on.

With the Estes luck on your side, not only would you have made the catch of a lifetime, but you might hook a fish too!

Congratulations to both of you, I wish you the very best life has to offer in the years to come.

09-03-2003, 10:37 AM
Congrats on the upcoming nuptials!

Sorry I can't offer any useful advice on the local fishing scene.

What I can do however, is offer some advice on maintaining a healthy mariage while still spending suficient time on the water. No reason you should go through living hell when you can benifit from my experience, right?

Don't, repeat DO NOT bring the rod on the honeymoon!

When the time is close [so she can't talk you out of it] inform her that upon careful consideration, you have decided you'd rather spend the whole time with her. Plan for lots of shopping and whatever else would be her choice of activities. [This part may seem difficult so plan on surrepititiously imbibing large quantities of psychoactive liquids or other substances before hand. Extremely dark sunglasses will come in handy, especially if you can manuvuer her close to a "clothing optional" beach.]

Be sure to remain attentive and interested no matter how far your mind may wonder.
It won't hurt to occasionally glance at the surf and issue a significant sigh, but don't over do it.
At the end of the trip, be sure to mention how glad you are that you didn't WASTE [important!] any of the time fishing!

Now this all may seem like a big sacrifice and a lost fishing oppurtunity but you have to look at the Big Picture.
First of all, you will have garnered enough Brownie Points to carry you through the rest of the New England saltwater season and well into next spring's trout season.
Most important of all, you will have deprived her of a very very effective weapon for the future battles which are inevitable. Never will she be able to lament to you, her mother, her girl friends or anyone else that
"All he cares about are stupid fish! He even brought a fishing rod on our GD Honeymoon for Chrisakes!!!!"

John Desjardins
09-03-2003, 12:24 PM
Congratulations Greg, best wishes for the years ahead. To Mike suggestion of things not to do I'll add 2 I learned the hard way. Don't tell your bride to be as she's fretting over the last minute stuff that your glad she scheduled the wedding late in the day so you can go fishing before the ceremony.

And when she tells you what the due date of your first born is don't tell her "Great I won't miss opening day of fishing season".

09-03-2003, 12:31 PM
Don't drink the water.

Beat wishes to you and your bride.

Dble Haul
09-03-2003, 12:37 PM
Congratulations and best of luck with married life and any fishing you squeeze in. :p

09-03-2003, 01:16 PM
Thanks for all the input. She has been really quite convincing in her encouragement but perhaps the wisest choice will be to leave the gear behind. I've gone weeks upon weeks without fishing this year so it really will not feel like a sacrifice at all. I particularly like the fact that I wont have to face the "He fished on our Honeymoon" tales. Thanks for bringing me to my senses - plenty of time for fishing later.

09-03-2003, 09:08 PM
Congrats Greg!

Yeah if you leave the gear home it opens the door for a future fishing trip down there. Last year in the Bahamas I booked a guide grabbed an eyeopener flight to a different island said "see ya at dinner hon"...and caught bonefish all day. :devil:

09-03-2003, 10:58 PM
Congrats Greg ,and the best of luck and good fortune to you both in the years ahead.

09-04-2003, 08:15 AM
Congratulations to you both! :D

Have a wonderful day and a ton of fun in Cancun.

09-04-2003, 04:08 PM
gongrats Greg!!! but bring the gear... you can be a hero by not using it, but if there are tons of fish, and you wake up early like I did on a trip to Bermuda with no gear? well, I was bummed each morning while my lovely wife slept and I wished for just one rod and a few flies. bring it ... then decide. :devil: I did every water sport available on my honeymoon, while my lovely wife read and relaxed on the beach. I'd join her and in 15-20 minutes she'd tell me to go do something before I died of boredom. Tom D

09-05-2003, 07:35 AM
Thanks Tom but I am going to play it safe. Better a little suffering now than a ton later. I can just hear it now "I woke up and you weren't there. :( " or "We just missed a great tour but I couldn't find you. Where were you? :mad: " I doubt that would happen but I am not going to plant the seeds of opportunity.

Everyone - Thank you so much for your well wishes!

Maybe the SBFT will show up while I'm gone and be ready to break in my new 14-15wt. Mike and I searched for them on Sunday but nothing showing.