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: 16' custom cataraft for sale

08-29-2003, 04:59 PM
Reluctantly, I have to sell my main cataraft. Been my baby for years. This is a hard to find set of tubes. Not made like this one anymore. Awesome boat, tubes made by Aire. 16' Aire Ocelots (would be called a Jaguarundi today). Huge carrying capacity. Handles everything you could throw at it. Been on most whitewater rivers up and down the westcoast. Boat has been used, but in overall good condition for it's years. This is the ultimate setup. You can hardcore whitewater one day, then fish the next. It's handled the Colorado, Rogue, and most whitewater rivers in Washington.

With the boat comes the tubes (They'll cost you about $2,000 new just for the tubes to replace). There is one patch on tube, but didn't hit the bladder of the boat. Tubes have discolored over the years, but are extremely functional and have plenty of years left in them. With the boat you get

2 16' Aire Ocelot tubes w/Aire repair kit
1. custom fishing frame set up to fish 3-4 people
2. custom whitewater frame that can be setup for 2-3 man fishing (with cooler seat to store fish/etc)

2 inflaters (one foot pump and 12volt inflator that hooks to battery)
2 sets of 8' cataract oars, that both are setup with pin/clips plus 3 1' extenders (to make them 9' oars) and one extra blade
Tons of straps for tying down, attaching tubes to frame, anchor system on fishing frame, rod holders, etc. Too much to list.

I want $2600 for everything. New, the whole combo would easily go twice that (my whitewater frame was custom built by a top frame maker, and was about $1200 for it alone). No trailer (it's my utility trailer, so stays with me). I have to clean it up, been sitting drawing dust since I haven't been able to use it since last October. Want to sell it ASAP.

Here's a picture of it with whitewater frame on it converted to hold people next to my 9' Steelheader.
Here it is with fishing frame in 3 man setup.
This is the 4 man setup

This thing needs to be sold. Make me a reasonable offer and I'll probably sell it. But, well worth the amount I have it listed for. Hate to sell my baby, but my real babies at home need the $$$ more.