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: Just the thing for fishing big water

08-28-2003, 07:25 PM
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Water Master Grizzly Raft

The Grizzly Raft Package has been field tested extensively on remote rivers and lakes all over the world, and it has earned a dedicated following. The primary advantage of the Water Master Grizzly is that it is a true boat, with a closed bow and stern. This feature eliminates the need for an external frame to transport and assemble, and gives the Water Master a much larger surface area, or “footprint” on the water than similarly sized pontoon-style kickboats. The integrated seat platform (marine plywood with a polyurethane seal to prevent rotting) is set down inside the raft and gives the Water Master a low center of gravity on the water which allows for deep and effective kicking with fins. The oar locks are designed to keep the oars flat on the top of the boat where they are out of your way while fishing, yet very accessible and easy to engage when you need them.

The Water Master Grizzly is a wonderful combination of portability, performance, and ease of use. The Grizzly folds into an extremely compact package, and its frameless design allows for complete assembly / disassembly in under 10 minutes. Simply unfold the raft, inflate the dual air chambers, lock in the oars, and you are ready to hit the water. On the water, the Water Master’s large surface area, low center of gravity, and open bottom make it an extremely buoyant and stable craft. These same features make the Water Master highly resistant to wind and current drift, and very maneuverable with fins. The Water Master tracks extremely well in both moving water and windy conditions which will enable you to float and fish your favorite river, or hold your position on a windy lake. It has also been proven to be a very safe and capable boat in whitewater situations. The closed bow and stern add tremendously to the effectiveness of the Water Master in fishing conditions. Stand up inside the raft in shallow water and it will spin downstream and stay with you, generating very little drag and functioning as a wading aid. You can stop to fish a prime lie, fish your way up or down a riffle, stand on a midstream rock, or pull in to shore and land a fish without having to get out of your boat or worrying about it floating away. When you have covered the water, or landed your fish, just sit back down and continue your float.

Water Master Rafts are delivered to you in an 8 cubic foot drybag with a shoulder harness and compression system. When the boat has been removed, the boat bag clips to back of the raft and provides a dry and secure place for all of your gear. Whether you are fishing, hunting, camping, photographing wildlife, or just enjoying the water, a Water Master Raft will get you there and back in style

Key Benefits
Folds easily into back pack for carrying or storage
Frameless design makes it the easiest kickboat to assemble/disassemble.
Floats in as little as four inches of water
Operator sits five inches above the water
Large "foot print" on the water provides greater stability
Dual air chambers for safety
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09-02-2003, 11:05 AM
This is an awesome raft. Wish I had the cash on me to bid higher.

Does the forum do payment plans:chuckle:


09-03-2003, 10:17 AM
Sure the payment plan is, high bidder pays for it and it will show up on your doorstep in a week or so.:hehe: