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: Get Out The Boga Grip!

08-28-2003, 10:56 AM
:whoa: what the heck is this thing!!?? gives new meaning to the necessity for wire leaders.

flyfishing anyone???

215 pounds with a total length of 7 feet, 11.5 inches and a 40 inch girth. Caught in the Mississippi River on 5/3/03 on a homemade jig...flyfishing "jig" of course.

Dble Haul
08-28-2003, 11:10 AM
I think I saw that thing in one of the Jurassic Park movies.

08-28-2003, 03:12 PM
That is an alligator gar of course. I heard you can catch one on a piece of yellow rope tied to the end of your line. The rope gets tangled in their teeth and you reel it in.

08-28-2003, 03:51 PM
Yeah, guys fish for 'em when they swim into the tribs of Lake Ontario in the summer. But not the Alligator gar - the longnose gar (similar, but smaller and with a longer snout/teeth).

Ya gotta be SICK to go after this prehistoric monster!


08-28-2003, 03:52 PM
I am going to transfer that picture as my avitar....before Jim B. does it...