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: The time approaches...

08-25-2003, 04:43 PM
for my steelhead year to begin. I don't like to think of it as based on calendars, but rather spawning runs, so my steelhead year starts when I first wet my line in September in BC, includes a trip or perhaps two to Washington in the winter and ends here in southeast Alaska in late May and sometimes as late as the first week in June when the numbers of new fish to be had become too low.

The mornings have been cool lately and even during the afternoons in this spell of unusually clear weather, you can feel the unmistakable presence of fall in the air. The Northern lights have been dancing in the night sky for the last three nights to reinforce what I know with their displays of magic.

Soon, I'll load my beater on the ferry bound for Prince Rupert. I'm pulling lines and fly boxes and assembling my gear... My mind is filled with images of skating flies and bulges and boils. Not much later in the year, another trip further south and by the time I'm back from that one, my home rivers should have fishable numbers of steelhead when the weather is not too cold or too wet to allow me to greet them. And then the weather will begin to show the promise of spring and new fish will begin to show to finish the year.

The anticipation things to come and those signs that nature gives to show that it is starting make this a special time for me.

Happy New Year!


08-26-2003, 10:01 AM
Hey Pesca sounds like a valid reason for a party I will be heading up the hill mid month mayhaps we can get together for a few rounds of cheer. At least do some more damage to our hearing from the screeching wail of our Perfects!!! Haven't talked with you guys lately did you know I am "Boatless'', the Moonlight sold in less than a week of putting a for sale sign in the window. I should have held an auction.
Coming soon to pool near you.:D