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: Chatham 8/23

08-25-2003, 09:33 AM
I was lucky enough to fish out of a friend's boat on Saturday around Chatham. We were on the water at 5:15 and ran straight to the rips on the West side of South Monomoy. After a little searching we found birds and sizeable blues that were eager to smash crease flies on top. This went on for an hour or so until the rip dissipated and the birds scattered. Quite the battle on an 8wt!

Rounded the tip of SM where there were acres of birds and an armada of boats. Lots of gulls sitting on the water and although we saw a few people hooked-up we did not mark many fish. We decided to ditch the crowd and ran down to fish the surfside of SB where there was some protection from the wind. Caught 2 legals dead drifting flies in the current - one of which was built like a tank around 33". Saw a nice fish landed from the beach as well - peanut bunker and terns dumping everywhere.

Finally we headed inside and saw pod after pod swing buy us on the flats but they would not eat despite countless good presentations. Tried a variety of flies and had a couple of follows but no dice. Unbeleivable lockjaw - dont know if they were in transit or what but we tried everything on them - big, small, crustacean - fast strip, dead drift, etc. Pretty cool seeing them anyway until the wind made flycasting futile around 1pm.

08-25-2003, 01:40 PM
Dave...I had to drive up to Boston on Sunday Morning but i am back today....Drove up to the Refuge to have a chat with the Director...then saw Juro's truck and checked that he was out with a client...I will be their tomorrow and all week...but I may head back before the weekend madness. Blues at the South tip?????From now on I will be at CAC on most weekends in September and some times during the It will be open for bunking.

08-25-2003, 03:55 PM
Wish I was up there with you folks, still a chance for a Sept fish and "close the house trip". I have been annoying the little trout with light fly rods out here. Can't wait to have something really tug the line again!
The salmon have started to show up, as well as a few steelheads in the Sacramento and Feather rivers, so perhaps I will once again feel the "tug and grab" of something larger than 12"s!
Good luck with the blues and surf! Wish I was there!

08-25-2003, 03:59 PM
Dennis... nice to hear from you....I think the beach fishing will start to get hot on the ocean side of south beach soon...althought the inside has been good for August...come September...or there abouts... some big fish should be crusing and I am sure the blues will take up any slack in the striper population.... atleast we will not be into Dog Fish from the beach at this time of year...