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08-25-2003, 08:00 AM
Just got back from 3 days of fishing in South Park. We stayed at my buddies cabin and had a grand time. We fished Eleven Mile Canyon of the South Platte Friday and did well using micro worms, flashback RS-2s and trico stuff in the morning. In the afternoon we hit the narrows and pool hopped looking for fish. I found one pool where I was able to land 9 fish which was pretty good for me. Nothing over 15 inches was landed but the fish were all healthy in spite of the low flows. Saturday we hit Spinney Mile and the fishing was very tough. Crowds of ignorant people took a lot of the fun away. I was working a fish that were sipping trico spinners. I was on my knees and had snuck up to within about 15 feet of the fish making quick casts and 12 inch drifts. Some bozo jumped in the water and crossed the stream 30 feet in front of me. The fish went down for the rest of the morning. Sunday was close to epic. It rained Saturday night and the Trico hatch was long and heavy. I landed over 20 and hooked at least another 20 all before noon. The fish were on emergers early then switched to spinners. The fishing was pretty technical with good drifts and size 26 flies taking most of the fish. I had a first that morning as well. I hooked one fish that fought really weirdly. When I landed him, he was already hooked by both flies of a two fly rig. I had hooked the line in between the two flies. I got the fish, a barr’s emerger and a copper John out of the deal.

John Desjardins
08-26-2003, 01:49 PM
Brad, that sounds like another good trip.