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: 8/14/03 Mrs. Albieman Trip

08-14-2003, 09:25 PM
Well the wife couldn't take it anymore, hearing all of the stories and seeing the pictures and fish she said she had to go fishing. So we went out today to see if we could get her into some bigguns. We are the legal guardians of my youngest sister and she goes to work at the Kennedy Center in Bridgeport @ 0800, so we couldn't leave early like I wanted to. No matter I figured we will give it a shot and see what happens. We launched at 0830 and it took her and I quite awhile to get some shad in the live well. We finally got enough bait and made our way out to the spot. Within 2 min. my wife was into a nice fish. She landed it in pro style and we took pics and released it. Next drift I hookup and promptly drop the fish. That was to be the rule of the day for me. We had real good action for over an hour and the wife ended up landing 5-6 fish total, the biggest one was her biggest fish ever at 45" and 30.2 lbs. She was ecstatic and could hardly contain herself. I ended up landing only one fish about 25 lbs. and missing alot of fish, this was not a surprise as everytime I take the wife fishing I spend more time helping her and less time helping me. That's fine by me though as I don't get her out near as often as I would like. She broke two fish off today using my big rod and 50lb. braid, I have not broken off any fish on that rod in 3 weeks :confused: :confused: . The tide was dying pretty fast so we made another run in to get more bait. We came back out with half a dozen shad and free lined them in the deep spots and we got into a double. That was when she got her big one and I got my one fish. We had several more fish on doing that but never landed them. I am pretty sure that one of the fish she broke off was well over 40 lbs., after getting so many of these fish lately I could tell by the bend in the rod and the way the fish was taking line, not to mention the difficulty the wife was having fighting the fish. Oh well that's fishing. All in all a very good day of fishing, did not get the numbers but did manage some quality and lots of fun with my best buddy. She cracks me up whenever we fish together, and I saw a side of her today that I had not previously seen. She got the big fish fever so bad that she started yelling at me when she lost those 2 big fish. Telling me that it was my fault and my gear sucks :D . I was rolling. Still lots of bait around the Niantic area and things are looking good. We took a bunch of pics and I will post them as soon as I get them developed. Headed out tomorrow for Bonito, got a call from a buddy who talked to a guy who has been banging Bonito all week.....alone!!! So me and him are going out on a pre-dawn mission to seek the tuna. Will let you know how we make out.

Mike Mayo

P.S. The Bones are in the western sound, go figure?????