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: Fishing for Art....

Bob Pink
12-04-2000, 06:56 PM
There sometimes comes an unusual combination of talents that complement themselves in a beautiful way. Many of us already know of Tony Stetzko as the 'Striperman' a bit of a legend given his ability to take BIG bass and fish the surf on the fly. Tony's also an accomplished artist.
Tony has put together a framed, limited print of a watercolor he was working on for over a year, and it's of "Bertha" the record-setting fish he landed at Nauset. I got the chance to pickup a copy today and it's stunning. If you want to add a classy piece of artwork to your collection regarding this sport, this is a great one to consider. (Even my wife who hates everything to do with fishing said it was beautiful...Oh well, if only I could paint!)

You can e.mail Tony at;

The prints are 9" x 12", matted and in a nice goldleaf frame.
$ 65.00 plus shipping or you can arrange to pick one up at Tony's shop in Orleans and get the double pleasure of swapping stories with him for a while.