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: South Beach Report- August 13

08-12-2003, 05:04 PM
What a difference a day makes... Doc Duprey and JFBasser and I headed on the 8 am ferry to a good tide... JF stuck close to the drop off and landed a couple fish while Doc and I took off south... Dave Pearson and his two Charters were close behind... fish were few. I spotted two large schools and several singles but no hook ups . The weather was fogy, some sun, but fish were somewhere else... saw alot of bait.... in one area I spotted piles and piles of dead clear white shrimp left high on the outgoing...then some bait fish...The tide for us was early incoming which should have been good... But maybe we did not give it enough time as we left for 11:45 shuttle. Tomorrow is another day.

08-12-2003, 08:03 PM
Originally posted by striblue
. . . Tomorrow is another day.

Um . . . actually, tomorrow is August 13 :devil:

Hope you do better than you predicted :hehe:


08-12-2003, 08:37 PM
Once the biomass of easy high protein prey comes to the area the majority of the fish go wherever the fry go. Even those who stick around in their flats sortie' patterns are easily drawn away by the next passing swarm. It happens every year!

Fish are still there, but they think and act differently. You need to be where the action is going to be not where it was now more than ever. You don't as many pods pushing mumble-mouthed for shrimp, or grubbing for the odd crab, worm or sand eel. You see fish moving to optimize their attack on the hordes of bunker fry instead, and quickly. The shore angler has to work to stay one step ahead.

If any of you guys are interested take a look at the annual growth cycle charts of stripers on the Maryland F&G site. After a solid post-spawn spring growth spike from active (May around here) feeding, the growth slows down during the invertabrate phase ("dog days") then eclipses the rest of the year during the fall finfish (read: pogie) phase where they prepare for the winter spawn again in their annual cycle.

We have just entered that fall finfish phase, hence my recent post and video. An angler'd do well to adjust accordingly.

Soon the larger 3-5" juvies show, that's when it becomes easier to happen onto some really huge fall migrants on the back beaches. The key difference between then and now is that the big smart fish are eating fly-sized bait, not targeting bug-like swarms of bait to eat as many in a gulp as possible. It's worth their while to eat one juvie but with pea bunker they are eating popcorn. It's a perfect time for using a two-handed overhand (vs.spey) rod. :smokin:

Luckily in fall the large sand eels also tend to come into shore from their shoaling behavior miles out there, and the big girls stake out the humps in tidal outflows of major inlets. Recall the day on Big Girl Bar when four fish over 40" were landed in one tide change. I had been exploiting that behavior for 2 years prior to spilling the beans :devil: It happens every year although some years the channel moves around.

With all the excitement about hardtails that time of year there seems to be a lot less pressure on inshore bass. After Labor Day the percentage of hardcores increases dramatically on the beach. There are days of large, fat migrating bass on the horizon. I hate to see summer go with our miserable winters beyond the autumn, but crazy days of fishing are just around the corner so the wise angler takes advantage!

08-13-2003, 07:07 AM
We need aircraft to scan the outer beaches to stay one step ahead....Penquin where are you?:smokin: