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: my Western US road trip - July

08-06-2003, 09:42 PM
took off with the old-lady-to-be in my crappy saturn wagon with canoe on roof, much fly gear in back.
I'll try to be brief:
Northern Michigan - Local Cheboygan county stream. I spent three nights looking for the hex hatch, which did come off, but never in force like it can. Getting scared by beavers and things that go crackling by in forest in the dark. A few chunky browns on enormous dryflies capped it off. Dad and brother joined for old time's sake. Also broke my orvis for the 4th time doing nothing.
UP Michigan - Got a walleye on a rapala at the mouth of the Presque Isle where it hits Superior. The warmest experience I've had with that lake. sorry it wasn't a fly. Surrealistically beautiful area.
Beartooth Mtns, MT - Got some brookies at 10,000 feet at dusk as the snowfields turned red. Not enough time here. Could have spent a month fishing 1/3 of the lakes up there. tremendous.
Small Streams, Wyoming near Cody and Cooke City. Fishing upstream with old friends and a "lean and nice" frame of mind. Covered many miles while fishing and hooting at bears. Lost count early on of the beautiful cutts and rainbows that eagerly took bushy dry flies. One picky sipper took me several fly changes and crouching behind a log jam to bring to hand. Ridiculous.
SE of Cody - WY - Not a soul. Fished way upstream, crisscrossing a frigid, glacier-tinged stream full of whitefish and some gorgeous browns. Best one came on a weighted stonefly cast way across stream into a hole undercutting a large rock. The line was mended emphatically and punctuated by a silvery fish with text-book red spots and blue haloes. The fiance got her first fish on a nymph.
Silver creek, ID - I couldn't manage to catch any of the enormous browns I saw sulking in the weeds. I couldn't get out at the opportune times, either. Managed to excite myself tossing emergers to risers.
Big Wood, ID - Great Stream. Managed to pick up some pretty rainbows in the early AM on stimulators.
John day River, OR - What a smallmouth stream. They're everywhere. Tough in 108 degree heat, though. Spent most of my time drinking lots of beer and swimming to keep cool.
Snake River, near Jackson - A beautiful two day paddle took us through the park and Jackson and some high, rough water and some fantastic braids filled with cutts. Fishing was not top-notch due to the high water, but still great. At camp i managed to catch, clean, cook, and eat a fish and go to sleep all within the same 30 square yards and hour and a half. I wish that were every evening.
Green River, So WY. Didn't have long,only long enough to lose a wooly bugger to the biggest brown I never saw.
My friend's yard, Boulder CO - My buddy grows huge bass! I got two.
Pond, Breckenridge CO - Got some yellowy browns with good friends floating with me and beers in the boat while tossing buggers at the bank.

It is truly nice to know that in a world and country and time when the landscape has been transformed into a slivery shadow of its former self and our towns and cultures have been homogenized and processed so that they are barely distinguishable from one another and our jobs and prosperity are inexplicably linked to a false dignity that only re-inforces the shallowest forms of selfishness and consumerism that we still have fish and water and fishing where we might find, as McGuane says, "greater reverberations within ourselves."

Take it easy.

Mean Mr Mustard
08-06-2003, 11:01 PM
Nice, and the closing is a gem. Thanks...