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: It's Aliiiiiiiiiiiiive!

08-05-2003, 05:37 AM
Yeap, I made it! Even hooked up with Gordon in Bourne!

I'm quite sore and can barely walk, but generally OK.

I'll post a full story about this incredible weekend soon (fingers still a bit numb). But one of the highlights is I was on TV! Here it is online (you'll need Real Player), just after my friend Larry's interview at 2:36, my short moment of fame is at 3:06:

If that doesn't work, use this link (hurry, I don't think they keep the videos on the site long):

Yeah, it's just a short shot of me hugging Sam when I got in. But at one point yesterday, they did a LIVE interview with me and the family and it was on about noon in case anyone caught it. If you have it on tape or Tivo please save it for me! It was on about noon.

Renee's doing well and did a FANTASTIC job as a massage therapist (7 straight hours including using her break to massage her own bike warrior. She massaged about 32 people!!!!) I also came back to 350 more generous dollars in my account. I'm stunned, honestly, I had to look twice:


Email and pics coming soon, but here's one for now of me leaving Babson College on Saturday morning (in a downpour):

and... they're off!

08-05-2003, 12:13 PM
Awesome and inspiring. Great Job!

08-05-2003, 12:24 PM
Your actions speak for themselves, your love for your son and your dedication to a good cause worthy of our highest respect and praise. You are a credit to fathers and men everywhere!

08-06-2003, 10:23 AM
Thanks guys, really appreciate the kind words and great support for my ride and for Sam!

Now, I heard there are hard tails about... and I haven't fished in a LOOOOOONG time! :)

12-16-2003, 06:21 AM
Hi Everyone!

It's been just over 4 months since PMC 2003 when you last heard I made it, sore and euphoric, to the finish at Wellesley. The ride was as incredible as you’d imagine I’d say it was!

I woke at 5am. Well, I didn’t have to actually wake, I simply got out of bed – I didn’t sleep much through the thunder and lightning which didn’t stop(!) as I made my way down The Pike to Babson College in Wellesley…

The rain just kept coming and coming…and I was glad I went to Landry’s bike shop the day before to pick up rain gear…

We left Wellesley at 7am in the pouring rain and made our way down to Bourne.

After about an hour, the rain stopped and it turned into a beautiful day! In fact, I actually was starting to feel hot, though I didn’t mind.

I really felt great, my toes hadn’t gone numb (as they had during training) and I met some people who were riding their first PMC as well. At around 40 miles, I met the lady on the right (Marie) who wasn’t feeling too well. I found myself in the odd position of pep talking her when weeks before I had doubts I’d be able to do it! She was crying, having a lot of trouble with her seat and legs and just then I spotted a photographer on the ground on the right taking picture and I yelled out to her “SMILE! PHOTO OP, LOOK MEAN!” …

I think it came out great! The company really helped me too – kept me from constantly checking the odometer! Those are my riding socks wrapped around the handle bars to dry (as much as they would).

Next thing I knew, I was at the lunch area in Norton and boy was it a blast. It’s at this point that the people who left from Sturbridge meet up with those from Wellesley and at that point you really get a feel for the size of this event. Great DJ, some chow, refill my bottles and I stopped to relax on the grass for a bit.


On with the ride…

I met another rider (Andrea) who rode very close to my pace and who I later found out was a spin and kick boxing instructor! Surely, she was holding back to humor me. J Nothing really eventful happened on the way from Norton to Bourne though my toes had gone numb about 20 miles before Lakeville and they actually started to hurt and I was concerned I was causing nerve damage. But I didn’t care, I kept going. Made it to Mass Maritime in Bourne at 2:00. Not bad really! I averaged about 14.7 MPH including the part in the rain and I was very proud that I was there…it all felt so surreal!

…and especially GLAD THERE WAS FOOD!

Those burgers were really good. All 3 of them. So good that I almost forgot Renee might be wondering if I was in yet! I sought her out – bypassing a long line of massage candidates, thankful I had my own “deal”. When I saw her, I couldn’t believe that she had already massaged over 28 people and was still cheerful and excited to see me.

Yeap, that orangutan she’s rubbing is yours truly.

After a couple of hours, Renee used her break to massage her Road Warrior and I couldn’t really enjoy it – I felt guilty, but she insisted. I then went over to her minivan and passed out for a while in the A/C after changing.

As I helped her pack things up, this really thick pea soup fog rolled in suddenly – it was something else!

Everything was soaking wet and I thought about the people sleeping in tents as we made our way to a B&B across the canal where I thankfully got a room on short notice!

At the Inn I grabbed maybe 3 hours sleep and was up before dawn to be back at MMA for the trip back. I actually found this wasn’t a good idea, when I got there it was next to impossible to get back in against the flow of leaving riders who slept on campus. So I started to make my way back to Wellesley. At the first Dunkin Donuts I HAD to get some coffee and use the bathroom, which I did. While sitting there enjoying a big one, I see Andrea ride by! So I get my stuff together and back on the bike to catch up with her. We road almost all the way back together and this was great for me – she was great company and we even got into a couple of pacelines (first time I had done that and it really is a great way to make time).

The ride back was great weather and smooth roads – very nice! About 5 miles before the finish (though I didn’t know how far at the time) I come to a stop sign at a “T” intersection. I look to my left as I’m going past this creamery type place called The Babbling Brook (I'm STILL haunted by waters) and I see 2 riders having an ice cream break.

I yelled out, “HEY, THAT’S CHEATING!”

They yelled back… “IF YOU STOP, WE’LL BUY YOU ONE!”

I stopped.

I downed a giant chocolate frappe with delight and felt a sugar rush that somehow I thought I’d regret later. I did, but for a different reason – it caused an asthma flare up when I came into the finish and I had trouble catching my breath without choking. I’m somewhat used to that and it cleared up on it’s own. But it sure gave the EMT’s something to do when I got in! You can see that on the video when I’m picking Sam up to hug him and I’m “coughing and crying”.

Well, LONG story (and ride) short – I pulled into Babson College at 11am to find my family and friends waiting for me! I couldn’t have been happier to see them, especially Sam!

NECN was there to do news reports at the finish line and they did one with me, Renee and the kids as a “Live at Noon” spot and it came out just great! It’s on my Sponsor Thank You DVD at the very end, so please watch for it!

Since then, I have indeed continued riding and with my short commute to Marlboro, many days I rode to work which is a great way to get the mileage in. Yes, I plan on riding in PMC 2004 (25th Anniversary of the PMC!). This time I will be riding from Sturbridge to Provincetown! Grand total fundraising for my 2003 PMC ride: $6080.00!

Also since then, Sam has been to two checkups at Childrens Hospital and has healed wonderfully! His surgeon was amazed – you could hardly tell there was a surgery at all. A far cry from the statement “He might need reconstructive surgery” we heard after the 2nd surgery since the removed a large portion of bone from his palette. We will continue to go for checkups every 3 months for the near future and Sam has been a trooper above and beyond the call throughout all of this so far – earning him the nickname “Titanium Sam".

You’d have to meet him to fully understand my choice of music I used on the DVD I've sent my sponsors, but here’s an idea of what Titanium Sam is like:

He’s 5 and he watches his favorite team (PATS!) and knows when there’s been a bad call.

He got run over by a recumbent bike which smashed his big toe and “Only cried a little daddy!”

After his first surgery he went camping with us and even after bleeding all over the place said, “I don’t want to go home, you said I could sleep in a tent tonight!”

He shook off his second surgery with a can of Ginger Ale and then tried to pull out his IV so he could climb out of the bed by himself!

His favorite food? SALT!

Favorite color? BLACK!

He’s simply not your average kid, he is …

Wishing you all the best for the Holidays and the New Year!

12-16-2003, 07:00 AM
Super story and Pics... you should be very happy about this and a a real inspiration.