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: What should I be tying for the Bone Clave

08-04-2003, 05:49 AM
Looking for suggestions of what flies to have on hand for the Bone Clave. I haven't even been close to a "Bone" or FA - only lived it through the guys on this board. Have seen some pics though!

Can't wait for the clave! I have some tying to do, as soon as I see what suggestions come forth.



08-04-2003, 06:56 AM
I like:

- silverside patterns like the surf candy tied with rootbeer flash and a strip of flashabou laid under the epoxy

- sliders like the green Page's Slim Jim, caught my first bonito on that fly from shore to boot

- peabunker patterns like small hi-ties, small bigeye baitfish, although they don't need to be all that small if the bunker are not

- sand eel patterns, yes they eat a ton of them, like the deep eel. I've hooked both bonito and albies on them.

- common deep minnows (clouser) with yellow highlights and brown, seafoam or olive backs

- some guys use crease flies for them, and poppers will make for exciting takes. I am going to throw a tube popper at them this year, this puts a very grabby hook off the back end that is not stiffened by the popper body

Most of the problem with these fish is presentation, position, and luck. There are a whole range of flies they'd probably eat, just try to match the hatch

Looking forward to it!