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07-28-2003, 08:37 AM
High winds made flats fishing ridiculous yesterday. When the waves on the flats are soaking you and filling the stripping basket, when my lapels are slapping my cheeks silly in the wind, when you can't hear yourself think due to the howling in your ears - it's time to go spend time with the family. I bailed 1/2 day as most did; the ride back to the stairs was adventurous to say the least, we were soaked from head to toe in the 4-5 swells between SB and the stairs.

I saw two fish the entire time and ended up with 4 blindcast schoolies on the inside and a bit off fly (blue) on the ocean side for all the trouble. My worst day ever on the flats due to the conditions.

Note to self: stripers do not come up on the flats when there are whitecaps on them. I've experienced this before but forever wishful, I walked miles of them just to make sure things didn't change in 2003 somehow. Nada, I spotted 2 fish from the F bouy south of J north to the landing, and they were together. I just caught a glimpse of them within 10 feet of the dropoff racing back to deep water as soon as they saw me, 20# fish.

On Sat, I had a good time fishing w/ Sprocket out on North Monomoy. He had some great shots at fish early and got a classic Monomoy moment when he convinced a flats cow to eat the fly, but the connection did not last. We ended up on South Beach where we squeezed in some shots at finicky fish before the deadline where he pulled the rabbit out of the hat from a pod in the shallows despite lowering light and increasing chop. It was a good shake-out trip.

Generally the fish were sparse on NM, strangely. SB has been better of late for sure.

My theory is that the recent precipitous drop in water temps up inside the refuge have dramatically affected the way fish are acting during the day. Those of you who have been walking the flats have probably noticed the trends between temps and fish behavior, they are like Goldilocks in the 3 bear's house.

Would like to be down there the next couple of days; wind, tides and weather are much friendlier to say the least!

07-28-2003, 09:25 AM
Fished out of a friends boat on Sat and Sunday. Juro that was me who waved to you and Todd on the outer limits of NM. Although the wind was howling, visibility was excellent and we spotted only one single and one pod of 4 after scouring the area for 1.5 hours.

SB was the same deal at high tide. Jumped out of the boat and waded the outger and fooled a couple, but it was only hot for about 40 minutes before it died again.

Luckily there were huge schools of 3-6lb blues around in deeper water that were happy to maul our flies, jump and run. Just an amazing quantity of bait in the channels surronding the island. Perhaps blown off the flats....

Think the ride back to the stairs was rough? We had to bail early yesterday due to the wind and it was a rollercoaster over the 3 miles back to saquatucket launch in Harwich. Can't tell you how many flies I cast into the back of my head, back, the antenna, etc over the course of the weekend.

07-28-2003, 11:55 AM

Oh yeah, Juro - I hope the cigar was to your liking and you weren't too late for dinner.

07-28-2003, 04:54 PM
Posted my trip report in the warmwater flyfishing forum

07-28-2003, 07:47 PM
and more wind. Juro. I felt like one of those chickens you see in cages on the back of a semi-truck going down the interstate. Damn near blew my feathers off!