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: AWESOME season; thanks and let's keep the momentum...

10-23-2000, 12:21 AM
Well, guess no one can make *all* the striper claves... but sounds like I sure missed a good one out in the Rhode Island Octoberfest (RhodyFest). I could tell by the strong vibes I was getting from the Rhody clave even while I was out in our BC steel clave in the Thompson River Valley several hours north of Vancouver in wild steelhead country, over 3,000 miles away... an incredible time; beyond words (but I'm doing a journal anyway

It's such a huge world out there, full of flyfishing adventures. Wow, we are so lucky and have so much to appreciate. The RhodyFest: Al's dedication, Ray's generosity, Art's mentorship, everyone's camaraderie... the BC Clave: Tyler's leadership and guidance, Brian's inspiration, Bill's persistence and newfound success... the list goes on and on. We are lucky to have the love and support of our families, and if you're like me - deferral of a honey-do list a mile long for the winter!

What a clave season... I think back and am totally amazed. Over the winter, I hope we maintain and increase the momentum we have and make next year even better as the new season arrives. We should strive to find new ways to include our families (BYOB <VBG>) and think about directing some portion of our time toward important issues like conservation and restoration of habitat. I also hope we begin to reach out to sample new fisheries around the planet, and recruit more people from choice locations into the community - so that we expand our network of fishing hosts who might take care of us like we have done for people traveling to our part of the world this year.

I think it would be pretty amazing if there were few places we could travel on business or visit for vacation without having someone to clave with... how cool would that be! That's what the web is all about. Might never blanket the earth but hey, we're bound to have fun along the way!

Congrats, Al meister and all who gave their time and energy to the fall finale. We've really put together something incredible this year on the striper coast!

Brothers Tyler and Brian, I am forever indebted to you guys for adding a huge milestone to my steelheading experiences. The Thompson will flow in my dreams and I await the chance to return.

There are a lot of opportunities left before winter for those who get out there and take them. Beyond that we will have a full winter curriculum of tying, swapping, casting indoors, shows, and doing journals for all the claves.

I hope everyone chips in (fly pattern, story or article, etc) during this winter. That's the right time, cause once the season starts you know I'll be back on the water every spare minute I get!

One more thing I'd like to say - thanks for all the great times and let's make the future the very best it can be!