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: Great warranty service....

07-23-2003, 12:06 PM
Bought an Achillies about three years ago and was bothered by a very slow air leak in the High Pressure inflatable floor. The HP floor is essential too operation with a jet pump outboard and the boat underperformed after only an hour or two of inflation. Being as I am one of the worlds greatest procrastinators I let the first year go by without lodging a complaint so I figured the warranty was fini. It was I found out a three year warranty but alas it had now expired too but the good folks at Inflatable Boat Works in Ballard (Seattle) said they would take a look see at the floor while I was up in Alaska. When I returned there was a brand new HP floor waiting for me shipped free of charge. Now thats service. Even though the warranty had run out the defect was obvious enough that they felt compelled to correct the problem. If only Ford and GM were so honorable.
The boat now performs at peak efficency and I just replaced my outboard with a new 20HP Mercury Jet. Makes that little 11'6" boat fly up those 2" riffles.