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: Scott ARC 1590 for sale

07-16-2003, 12:31 AM
If you're looking for one of the best, this is a sweet spey rod. Hate to part with her but she does'nt get enough work. Like new condition, one year old and she loves to catch fish. Asking $450 plus shipping. Portland Oregon.

07-16-2003, 12:44 AM
A grand rod for the new owner.

07-17-2003, 02:12 AM
Long time since I 've been on the BB Fred. How is life down south?

To the right home, I may just throw in a line and for not a whole lot more a spey reel too.


07-27-2003, 11:07 AM
this morning.

Weather wise it's been hot! hot! hot around here for the past couple of weeks. Fish from zero dark 30 (on the river at 5am) till about noon. After this point the temps have been at least in the 90's so your frying your brains. Actually pulled out the Cabella's long sleeve UV 'flats' shirts to help from getting crispie crittered.

Fish we've go lots of!! Spring salmon count (almost done with this) is now over 33,000 fish into the upper river. Was out with the Grandsons yesterday morning (did zip) and they were still jumping all over the place moving up stream past lower Tou Ville Park.

Water releases from the dam have been steadily dropping, which has really brought the upper Rogue into its own for fly fishing. But the hot weather can really be felt vis a vis water temps. This is a week old now but last week end the river at Tou Ville was 55 degrees .... below Grants Pass it was 64. Clear water at one place and a definate 'green cast/smell' from GP down stream.

Gather they've changed where they're pulling water (from base of lake now) and this will have a marked effect on the river water temps.

Anyway, as noted, no fish yesterday but the two grandson's got intro'ed to spey rods. Neither has ever used a fly rod of any kind so you really don't quite know who that would work out. But (sorry for the self inflected pat on the back) I'm pretty good at teaching the basicis of spey casting. I've found if you can get 'newbies' to get the 'wrist snap' down as an automatic, the rest will follow fairly easily. (Trick to getting the student to do the wrist pop rather than "thrusting the upper hand/arm forward" is to have them put the lower hand against they're lower chest/sternum (sp?) area. Darned near impossible not to snap the wrist vs. thrusting the arm forward.)

Boys asked why I took the hooks off and tied on some yarn. After the 3'rd or 4'th solid WAP! on the butt from a miss-cast there were no more questions on that subject.

Anyway, I started them off with a side arm roll casting to get the WS/formation of the D loop idea down. Anyway, 15'ish minutes of this just to engrain the 'feel', and then add the sweep in the middle to complete the Switch cast or single spey. Over simplifing here, but when you point out that there are basicly only three things to most casts ... and you've already got the first and the last of them down with the side arm roll cast/ wrist snap practice.... adding #2 in the middle comes to them PDQ.

Good news is within a half hour later one of the boys was consistently belting out (with long leaders) 60-80 foot casts pretty well. :D Other lad ... well, he still needs lots of work. But he was getting his line out far enough to actually be 'fishing.'

Pretty good way to spend a Saturday morning.:smokin: