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: South Beach-7/14

07-14-2003, 09:38 AM
Decided against going on the Rip Ryder at 8 this morning and though I would go to the Light House and walk down the ocean side of south Beach... late outgoing tide so I walked maybe a Mile and 1/2 looking for holes close up to shore... I did not want to fish the beaches where sand bars form off shore at a low tide. Found a nice deep area and Landed 4 mid twenties and lost 3... Not bad.. the seals kept coming up and planting themselves right in my casting area.. I don't mind fishing with seals moving across ,but to sit there was aggrivating and the water was somewhat deep so they were well within casting range... There was a boat stranded on the Mecca... that would never happen to me!!!..5 guys just sitting there on a small whaler. Saw John Mulander ,who told me that a Pilot whale died on his beach at the Light house in front of his house.. He made every effort to get it off shore but it died...I was also told by him as well as another local that the big fish seem to be in greater number between 3 and 5 miles out... it was encouraging to see the boats out off shore along South beach since they were far and few between during the last two weeks. The surf was perfect for fly casting... I wish I could have stayed for more of the incoming but needed to get my car out of the parking lot... My get to the same spot or spots tomorrow at 4:30 AM.

07-14-2003, 03:31 PM
Hey John, don't let those seals aggravate you-When they stay in one place, it is for a reason, and the reason is, that there is something good for them to eat.

Just try not to cast too close to them, or you will get a chance to test your abor knot tying skills......

07-14-2003, 03:45 PM
Sunday morning after a flurry of fish and one decent fish landed, things went quiet. The seals formed a cattle drive from south to north and as they came into our section of the flat there were nervous stripers everywhere you looked! Of course they were not the most prone to eat a fly then with snorting 700 bulls within a long cast from us, but one of us did get a very nice fish out of the ordeal. They beat feet (fins) as soon as the seals passed by. It was quite a sight!

Two years ago I was on the flats with two other guys, one my former co-worker who managed the web development team at Lycos. I landed a 42" fish that day in 18" of water which blew his mind, and he also sight caught some very nice fish on his first ever time flyfishing. Anyway, a seal took an interest in my fly as I retrieved it and I said "hey look at that seal checking out my fly!". No sooner had I said that when THWONK! The drag started burning my hand with a 400 pound seal ripping out to sea! I clamped down and the light tippet popped in a nanosecond. The seal popped his head out to see what the *&%$*! No adornment decorated his lip and he was relaxed so I was confident the barbless lipring was easily discarded.