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: Summer on the Flats 7/12

07-12-2003, 06:21 PM
The day started off by my forgetting my sunglasses in the car so I missed
the 8:00 shuttle. Right then I knew it would a tough day. Wanted to fish No . Monomoy but was concerned about the fog. decided to go to South Beach.

Saw Striblue with his Squid colored shirt and invisible waders. :hehe: Next thing you know he'll have a article signing at the bottom of the stairs. Not a bad idea to help raise some money for the Forum. Said Hi to Big Dave. Off they went.
When I arrived at South Beach after the 8:00 I saw a lot of anglers in the distance so I headed North. Not a bad idea as I saw many large spookie cows. Had three nice follows. All in all not a bad day considering the wind, waves and the 1/2 mile backup at the Bourne Bridge . Its Summer on the Flats. FishHawk:devil:

07-12-2003, 06:30 PM
Fish hawk , glad to see you.I wish we could have talked longer..but you were gone...after those glasses and I missed you on south beach.... Nothing there today for me but I alway like to check the ocean side and the surf was huge...but I got to practice casting... then over to the bayside... saw many fish but had follows but they followed to close and darted. Unfortunatly I did not see schools of greater than 3... large schools make sight fishing much easier... Bumoed into Big Dave heading in the other diection and then I headed back to the pickup point about 11:45. So, I am in the flats before the drop off and this flyfisherman is walking toward me in the water and I am saying "what does he want'... It's Juro heading out.... we spoke and he had his two hander with him... I was home later and about 3:30 I get a broken up cell phone call from guessed it hit big time today... Big fish caught and one to 37 inches... and I know where.... which is where I am going tomorrow to spend the day... Tides are perfect for tomorrow in the tub... and I am sure they would be great at North Monomoy.... also meet up with Dominic who spent the day at North ..I wonder how he did...?

07-12-2003, 06:43 PM
John my follows were on a RM Flatside. Saw small peanut bunker type bait in the wash along with a zillion fry. Perhaps that's what the cows are feeding on. wonder what Juro got his fish on. Godd to see you again. On of these days I'll get Dick down on the Cape and we'll have to fish together.