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: North Monomoy Report-7/10

07-10-2003, 02:55 PM
MikeZ picked me out at Outermost Harbor around 8:30 this morning an we headed to the Crib... Great Guy and nice to finally meet him.... Vacationing with his family on Oyster River... anyway..outgoing tide just at high... Saw an incredible number of fish moving from the flats into the channel... pods every 30 seconds.. some singles some doubles and greater... We hook 5... I lost one and landed a nice 31 incher... Just fished my Crab Apple fly while Mike Fished a tan crab he had luck with yesterday... we fished no sand eels... our strikes came form hits in pods of three or more... I had a sinking line ..Mike an intermediate... Moved around to certain flats and saw more fish. Tough fishing... the usual... follows to the boat then dart off... also it seemed text that I mean if the fish had competition for the fly from their school mates a close presentation worked...Mike droped me off at 2 and headed back out. Saw Jim Simms on the flats in the crib. Sun was in and out but the dark sawdows were still somewhat visible... also saw many fish shadows that were out of range... all heading in the same direction.