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07-07-2003, 12:51 PM
just got back from a trip through the southwest with a pile of folks, most of whom wanted to hike the grand canyon, south to north rim. several of us volunteered to drive the vehicles around and meet them w/ frosty beverages when they dragged themselves out of the canyon. instead, we went fishing on the colorado between lee's ferry and the glen canyon dam. for those of you (and I was one) who thought that the colorado is nothing but murky rapids, this place is a wonderland. used a local guide service/outfitter (am not sure if they are a sponsor, so I'll give the name if you write back) and had a great day, learning a lot and bringing in (and releasing...barbless hooks) quite a few nice rainbows. am pretty new at this sport, but sight fishing midge-feeding beauties in a spectacular 1000' deep canyon with crystal clear water was something I hope to get a chance to do again.

so, there are some nice fish, it is a beautiful place and the ride up the 15 mile stretch of river was worth the price of admission before we even wetted a leader.


07-07-2003, 01:42 PM
That sounds amazing. I recall an National Geographic article about rafting and fishing the Grand Canyon when I was a kid, huge 'bows and amazing scenery.

07-07-2003, 07:01 PM
That sounds awesome. I live kind of close to that you could say. I live in portland, Oregon. I should take a drive down there. What flies were you guys using?

07-07-2003, 08:50 PM
we were using really tiny midges, 24 or smaller (am pretty new to this, but they were almost hard to see), two of them about a foot apart, suspended about 3' below a dry fly indicator. 7x fluorocarbon tippett w/ a 9' tapered leader on a 5 wt rod (to get through the breeze). the guide/outfitter has them tied locally, mostly copper and brass colors, w/ a dark glass bead head. you could actually see the trout shake their heads when they realized it wasn't food.

guide told us that it is a pretty unique fishery, in that the water is about 46 degrees F year round coming out from under the dam. since there is no temperature cycle over the course of a year, there are no caddis, stone or mayflies...only midges reproduce in that kind of environment. amazing to see 20+" rainbows swerving back and forth picking up invisible bugs. he said that occasionally you could get them to rise to a beetle or san juan worm or a grasshopper, if the timing was right.

it was very cool...try a search on lees ferry for more info