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07-07-2003, 08:36 AM
Glad I skipped the Cape mayhem on Friday and Saturday after reading some of the reports here...

Finally broke down and made the trip early yesterday morning. Of course I was greeted by raindrops at the causeway. Met up with a couple of flats regs on the 8 am boat and headed out to SB.

The drizzle subsided and I started seeing fish with each glimpse of AM sunlight. Fooled two shorties one of which grabbed the fly about 2 feet away from me. Started blind casting the channel when the clouds moved through and was rewarded with a very fiesty 33". She actually bent the hook out on my #2 x-point which was a first. Just enough bend left to keep her on the line.

Took a long walk and saw LARGE cows doing headstands and feasting on what I presumed to be shrimp. After changing flies and carefully sneaking up on them - 2 seals come blasting through the flat. Cool to see while it lasted though.

As the flats started to water-up after the low the sun came out :whoa: The late afternoon sun angle was just enough to get some serious sight fishing done. Fooled 3 more and scrabmled back for the 4:00 boat. A pretty good day considering the undesireable tide and weather situation.

07-07-2003, 09:15 AM
Awesome report. Too bad the seals showed up the end of the story would have been interesting although I'm not sure headstanders were eating shrimp. Another interesting little factoid is that large stripers hang out with seals once they get big enough to avoid being eaten, symbionic relationship with the guys with clawed hands and mammalian brains. I would've never believed it until I saw it with my own eyes several times. Friday was awesome fishing, the fish were as grabby as I've seen them since May but you had to come down on Thursday morning and leave on Saturday to avoid the mayhem.

07-07-2003, 01:03 PM
Dave..great report... I presume you had your early hits on the outgoing tide... but just wondering was this and incoming situation ?.... or did you see those early fish on the outgoing.

07-07-2003, 01:23 PM
John - yes I had the early hits and caught the legal on the outgoer. Then it was dead quiet for a while around low tide which I beleive was around 1:30 pm. As soon as the flats began to flood again I started seeing them - in the afternoon.

Juro - that does not surprise me about the seals. I just had a couple of extra friendly ones that were enjoying barrelling on to the flat, splashing around and startling everything in sight (myself included).

What do you think they were headstanding for if not shrimp? Crabs? Noticed similar behavior over grass beds throughout the day but could not entice them to take.

07-07-2003, 01:40 PM
Most of the time while observing them eat shrimp they make a push together onto a flat that has water washing over and out from an area that had lots of shrimp, usually an area that holds water through the low. It's easy to locate them by their darting motions, etc. I have watched the bass move in a wiggly grazing pattern side by side up the flat without ever flashing, looking downward, moving much to the sides, or motion out of vector by much, while their lips are making little chicken lips motions as they devour shrimp en masse. I got the impression they weren't really targeting individual shrimp per se but instead taking them in where they were helplessly pushed like leaves in the wind by the current - virtually filter feeding.

When there are organisms they really want buried or partially buried in the sand you see them stop, circle, root, upend, tail, and flash to pick up the morsels. These include sand eels, crabs, flounder, seaworms, and other target-able meals.

Another ace in the hole people often forget is that you surprisingly often snap them out of their stupor with something really out of the ordinary like a juvenile squid pattern or even a popper, especially during slack tides on the flats.

Anyway, I'm not saying I knew what your fish were up to just that these are the beliefs I've gathered based on observations.

That's the good thing about fishing - one never knows what wild-assed and crazy thing will get them to go bonkers on any given day! If we figured them out all the time, every time would we appreciate them?

Reminds me of a dirty joke...