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: Half a Sage is still better than...

07-31-2000, 08:39 PM
Well, it isn't better than a whole rod but when you bring the wrong upper half and it doesn't like the lower half you do what you can. The striper didn't seem to mind!

<font size="1">Photo courtesy of Bob Desplaines, coastal flyfishing guide.</font><!--1--></center>

08-04-2000, 07:49 AM
Gee I know I am getting older and that sometimes the memory is not all that it used to be. But if I remember correctly the top half of that rod broke earlier in the day due to a previous clouser incounter. It was fun to watch you land that fish with half a rod. Don't forget to explain to the folks how you made that cast.

08-04-2000, 08:03 AM
Actually, right and wrong... I did bring the 8wt top and stick it into the 9wt bottom to see if I could fish... and the answer was "NOT!" The top snapped just above the ferrule. The other DS I brought in for repairs (two needed repair last year) was due to a clouser encounter.

As for the cast.... I am sure everyone is wondering how well it casted at that length. It was due to a special cast I invented called the "spiral dump".

It works with any line, any weight, any time as long as you're on a boat or dock or something over water. You simply dump the line on the water in a coil and let the currentor boat drift pull it straight before you strip it back in

08-04-2000, 12:21 PM
In that photo the subject is caught "highsticking". The subject should know that is the way flyrods get broken...oh..ah..it happened already. Oh well. I love goofy photos, more more, mas mas.(funny seeing Juroid out of his tan waders yet fishing).


08-04-2000, 05:40 PM
Yeah but try to wean me from the silly chest pack!

08-08-2000, 09:24 AM
that "spiral dump cast" sounds a lot like the "bluewater fling cast." One manages that cast by frantically flinging line out behind the boat which, though in neutral, continues to glide forward. A competent bluewater flinger can cast the whole line in 5 or 10 seconds of gliding

08-15-2000, 06:52 PM
Bruce -

PLanning any adventures lately?

I still enjoy reading the <!--http--><a href="http://www.flyfishingforum.com/destinations" target="_blank">Panamania article</a><!--url-->. It's like an extreme sports version of a flyfishing trip!