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: Bayside, 7/1

07-01-2003, 04:29 PM
Been fishin with old family friend/brothers father-in-law yesterday and today. One mid day schoolie yesterday and a lot of work to look at fish on the flats but not catch today. Picky picky. We checked out the creek early then setup for the onslaught on the flood. Fish were as late showing up as Striblue showin up fashionably late at the light with coffe in hand. When they arrived they arrived in ones and two's for the most part and not at all interested in what I was trying to feed them. Saw enough fish, including some big's to maintain interest but it was frustrating. There was an outragous amount of bait in the water. Expecting better things tommorow, one more day removed from the last front to pass through. Late yesterday afternoon we had fun with schoolies from the yaks and got my first flyrod yak fish.

Went down to Fishing The Cape this afternoon to browse and picked up a copy of Saltwater Flyfishing . Guy said he'd been really been moving the rag today though one person bought 6 copies. I said it must of been John and there was a spontaneous outburst of "how'd he know that" laughter. Great piece John, I need to get your autograph now.

07-01-2003, 04:55 PM
Thanks Fred..sorry I could not make the bayside, but with my wife not down I need to be back before the kids get up...So I just headed out at 7 to make an 8... tomorrow I will explore the Lighthouse sand bars heading out toward the break... the tide is right at this time...But fred i will have plenty of time to make the bayside with you this summer.