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: Anyone hear of a Sailfish SF 150 center console?

06-29-2000, 01:30 AM
Nice little whaler style CC on sale near my house, "sailfish" fiberglass mod/tri vee like the Montauk whaler, 48 hp Evinrude, loran/electronics, hull in good shape - good skinny water bay boat for sight fishing, etc. Came from Florida last month... anyone heard of it? Comments, yay/nay?

06-29-2000, 05:15 AM
That type of hull will pound you pretty well in a two foot chop much more than a v hull would. It depends on were you want to use it. If you were running across buzzards bay every day it would stink if you are fishing protected places or making short runs to them it wouldn't be a big problem. Take it for a ride one mans poison is another mans pleasure.

06-29-2000, 09:00 AM
Tim, thanks for the feedback... I took it for a ride this morning on a flat calm pond. Boy it was good to have the throttle again! Haven't had a boat since I sold the center console salmon slayer in Seattle.

Hard to tell in the conditions, the hull did porpoise if both of us stood at the helm. Once one of us sat in front of the console she really flattened out on the plane.

The beam is only about 60 somthing inches, and it's a fifteen foot small whaler style skiff. When it's got water running under the hull, it's quite solid handling but when at rest you can really list the boat by shifting weight around. It won't tip or sink, but I could really feel the difference between a wide-beam 17 or 18 footer.

Since I am putting kids throught college over the next decade, it will either be something at this price class -or- a combination new motor and old cheap hull. Maybe an old tin boat with a new four stroke w/ warranty?

Any suggestions for inexpensive boating solutions are appreciated.