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: Beginner Reel Advice

Lagoon Al
06-30-2003, 09:43 AM
Hi Guys,

I'm finally ready to make the plunge into flyfishing, and I'd like advice on getting my first reel.

My Background

I've been "regular" fishing for years, spinning and bait fishing from my canoe and from the shore.

My Waters

I'm lucky enough to live within walking distance of Big Lagoon in northern California. Within an hour's drive are Stone Lagoon, Freshwater Lagoon, Redwood Creek, The Klamath, Mad River, and Little River. I also fish in the ocean and Trinidad Harbor.

Here's my canoe in the Klamath:

My Rod

I bought a fly rod for $10 at a garage sale. Before you laugh, it's an older rod which a visiting experienced flyfisherman pronounced as "not bad at all" and good for a beginner. Apparently hand built, here's a picture:

"Rainbow No. R 2130" and "Custom Deluxe 2???" was written on it by the maker. It is 8' 6" long, and weighs five ounces.

Reels To Choose From

I'd really like to spend under $30 for a reel. I'm quite sure I be flyfishing for years, and would like to buy one that I'll continue to be happy with, but I'm cheap. So I could either get one at a local store, or buy one on Ebay.

I'd like advice on exact model numbers of a reel that you'd recommend for me. For example, some of the models that are on Ebay right now:

PFLUEGER medalist1494AK
South Bend Finalist
South Bend Silver
Eagle Claw Model 1010
Fin Nor Fin-ite
Fin-nor Fini 45CL
Martin 61

Looking forward to your advice. Thanks!!

06-30-2003, 09:45 AM
buy a pfleuger from your local store. It's a classic reel good for regular size trout, and patronizing your local shop will help you get decent info and service from them. good luck.