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: Misquamicut to Mystic River 6/28

06-30-2003, 07:17 AM
Out with my family in the boat for some dinner fishing (flukin') with the fleet off of Misquamicut. Ended up with three skates, dinner seemed pretty helpless.

On the way back, stopped at some birds working the WH passage, ended up being 3-5 lb blues that went right through my tippet. By the time I changed over to wire, things slowed down.

Interesting having two fly guys (me, and my dad who's learning) flailing away with my mom trying to cast spin rod, and three others watching and laughing at us not catching anything. :hehe:

Back to the dock in the afternoon...but headed back over to Misquamicut to family beach club. Saw some birds working on the horizon, launched the yak, paddled out to find birds bombing more blues off some rocks to the East of Weekapaug.

Blues were some picky though. They were feeding on schools of tiny 2-3" sandeels that could be clearly seen from the bottom 14 ft down up to the surface and out of the water when pursued by blues. Wish I had a slim jim or pencil popper with me, but none around. Gotta tie up some of those.

The water along the shore was the clearest I have ever seen it. The lack of winds over the past week or so has let all the sand settle out and I was seeing the bottom all over in places I have never seen it before. Pretty cool stuff.

Finally got one blue for my paddling efforts, and it made my day. He almost made the grill, but I had no knife with me to bleed him on the way home. :razz:

06-30-2003, 08:46 AM
With the luck I've been having lately I was thinking of turning in the nine weight for a lighter stick! Not doing well from the shore or the tip of Mason's Island and elsewhere along the beaches. Things have slowed at the Cape as well. I'll have to relearn how not to hook trees on the back cast!