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: Tornillo Strikes Again!

06-20-2000, 10:42 PM
I just have to extend a heartfelt thank you and compliment Tornillo on the article "Atlantic Steelhead". I found the text to be insightful and clearly the words of a dedicated angler; I found the images to be captivating and the kind I need to stare at for minutes to take in their splendor... particularly the one of the rose/crimson skyline (but not to the exclusion of the stout searun rainbows and other shots!).

Thank you for sharing your experiences and knowledge... I know my dream trip to Patagonia might have to wait a few years but I feel like I have experienced a bit of your region's beauty and angling opportunities in the words and images you, Luis, and others have put forth for us to enjoy.

If you enjoyed the article as much as I please extend a compliment to our member from Patagonia... Tornillo, and Luis for bringing it to us.