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: 2handed?

05-21-2000, 03:41 AM
Juro, Have you been experimenting with the 2 handed surf rod? Any new developments?
I was playing with my #6 Scott 2hander. I'm not xactly sure what it is going to be good for. I bought it for small coastal streams, but on small streams a single works fine(10' #7).
On a bigger river, I did some indicator nymphing( puffball, splitshot, fly, dropper) with it, but the tangles made by the spey cast were unbelievable. I found that a stimulator with a 3' dropper and a bead head worked great. Great dry fly rod, but setting the hook on a 80' cast is tough, and even 16" trout( stealhead) hardly put a bend in the rod. Hmmm...maybe shad next week.
It is hard experimenting because I find that I can catch more fish with proven methods, so it is a sacrifice as I get up to speed or fail. It is fun casting the 2 hander and I have learned a few cool tricks for the one handed casts. Eddie

05-21-2000, 09:19 AM
Hi Eddie -

After spending a dozen years chasing steel in the northwest, I came back to striper country and found that there is a definite niche for the two-handed rod out here.

When steelheading, the use of a single-hander cut the effective fishing area dramatically verses the Spey rod due to worry about backcasting room and also time wasted between casts over the course of a season. Not to mention incredible line control for down and across applications (salmon / steelhead). I think people generally agree on that.

When striper fishing in the surf, there is a definite application of the benefits of two-handed casting as well as the giant flies that work so well out here. The most common misconception is SPey casting verses overhand, something that Europeans know a lot about. Some nordic countries specialize in two-handed overhand casting while the british isles use of long rods was for Spey casting. Anyway, my contention in this is that (a) it's much easier to fish all day in rumbling surf conditions with a two-handed rod (b) casts bigger flies easier (c) takes less out of the shoulder (d) easier to fight big fish (e) casts bigger line weights easily. For instance, the modified Sage 8wt European two-hander casts a 12 wt intermediate without difficulty.

I agree too, the two-hander has taught me a lot of stuff for fishing the single hander... like starting new casts with a mini-spey cast or using the singlehanded spey cast verses a sloppy roll cast, even the single haul spey cast that shoots line!

So when are you visiting us here in the Northeast?

05-22-2000, 01:19 AM
Juro, I'm not a doubter, I was just asking for an up date. A few months ago I saw a guy on the Delta blasting monsterous overhand casts with a stock #10 15' euro Sage and leadcore. At least 120'.
As far as spey casting is concerned, I think that it might be pleasurable to swing streamers in strong tidal current. Maybe the Nauset inlet?
While we're talking spey/two handed, I asked Jerry Seim(at a show...we're not buddies) what line he likes on the Sage #6. He said a #9 SA. stealhead taper. I was talking to another guy who was constructing a competition speycast line for a #10, and he was making something that seemed to add up to a #15. If you are using a #9 or #15, is it a #6 or #10?
I might be heading back east in late summer. Eddie

05-22-2000, 07:13 AM
Didn't mean to imply anything, sometimes trying to be clear muddies the water. Sounds like that guy was launching a rocket on the delta!

I agree w/ your acquaintance Jerry, the new Euro sages cast a lot more than their line ratings. 12wt does fine on a 8wt (reduced in length a bit). This blank is the 12'4" 8wt (3-pc) Sage Euro rod. For a head, it throws the 450 grain QD as well as that thing can be thrown, I need to try a T-400 on it (today perhaps!).

We also have the 6wt 12 footer and the 9wt 14 footer. If you'd like to try out these rods as we complete them, I'll send one out for you to try out on the bay for a while. Your insights on the rod, line configs that you like, and it's use on San Francisco Bay area would be fabulous to know!

Let me know how your plans to head back out here are going, it would be great to hook up for some fishing.