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: Bayside, 6/19

06-20-2003, 03:44 PM
Northeast wind usually turns me elsewhere but decided I should continue my mental documentation of this place. Got to the beach about 6:30, early on the drop. Probed a bit, then felt a little wobbly and decided I needed to reload. Went for breakfast and all was well. Back at the beach I made my way down to the creek and took a long look around. Expectations wern't high but I felt I needed to do my homework. On the flood I began to see a few fish and got a hit. Made my way down the beach, seeing fish, but with the wind in my face it was tough to get any kind of decent presentation. Finally hooked up with a 30-32" fish to make all the work feel not too bad. Continued seeing fish but, #1 they were spooky as hell and #2 getting a good, timely cast off was tough. Finally hung it up at about 3:30. Awful lot of work for one fish but I guess the important thing is they were at where expected. And it turned out to be a bluebird day.

Had a great day with Adrian and Todd Murphy yesterday fishing an undisclosed location. Todd continuously put us on fish. I managed a bunch of schoolies and revealed my incompetence when faced with presentations to nice fish. I did my finest impersonation of Frankenstiens monster doing the monster mash on the bow. I need some practice with this boat fishin thing. Adrian had a couple of nice fish, the biggest of which was sighted.
Thanks again guys.

06-20-2003, 05:47 PM
Glad your getting the hang of the fishin, Fred. I always feel like I have a good fishing spot when it is within 15 minutes of a good breakfast spot that opens real early. Very important to slam up with some pancakes and sausage before anyone goes out and tackles the big ones:hehe:

I discussed that with Todd once, and the reason the location must remain undisclosed is that there probably is a good restaurant nearby!

By the way you should have an email about the beach and your PMbox is full.

06-20-2003, 06:08 PM
Gee that's funny ,Todd would not take me today. I was invited by one of his charters he cancels... what a man. Must be my tiff with his boss..Abrames... anyway I can not say I have been put on fish all the time and although I like to tie Flat wings.. I don't like the fact that they are the "only" thing. BTW...Todd is no longer a sponsor on this board by his own request. As I have indicated before ...Please use our sponsors... and watch the commercial interests if you know what I mean. Fred and John I will e-mail you .