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: Adopt a Virgin Campaign

05-09-2000, 10:29 AM
No - this is not what you think. Someone suggested bringing folks who haven't yet tried flyfishing to try it in another thread. Flyfishing has many tangential benefits besides the ones we've been discussing... this is about education and outreach (thanks Al and Jeff). It's about generating enthusiasm and knowledge. I've heard so many guys catching their first striper on their own flies this past week, and there is such a lot there in flyfishing for those who go for it. I think we are a good crowd to hook up with (pun intended) for those who are interested in getting started.

What if we actually did start a campaign to bring a virgin into the fine art of feather flicking? Many of us have already done this, but if we considered this part of our "mission" it would be a really cool thing for this community to achieve.

If you would be willing to meet with someone for a flyfishing introduction, or know someone who is a good candidate and need an excuse, please reply and we'll get this thing going.

Also - if you're a reader who is interested in hooking up with one or more of us for an introduction, don't be shy, reply!

05-09-2000, 04:31 PM
Great idea! I'd be more than happy to spend a day with a fly fishing virgin as long as I don't have to worry about any statutory laws.

05-10-2000, 08:34 AM
I think I found my virgin... Alan "H" are you reading this? You shouldn't have admitted you know zilch about FF. Sure that 50 pound Naragansett fish was nice, but you haven't done it unless you've done it with the fly!

Happy hunting gang!