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: looking for an old friend

06-16-2003, 05:32 PM
Happy Fathers day to us all
Yesterday, Fatherís dad I was Shad fishing on the Connecticut River in Turners Falls. The fishing was great there as there were a bunch a fish around and they were hitting well. While walking out I had a flash from the past memory about a time that a friend of mine, myself, and his father got stuck on a rock when the water came up suddenly. It could have been a dangerous situation because Gary and I were in our 40ís and his father a spry 60+ but not able to book it across a large distance of slippery river rocks.
I have since lost track of Gary and would love to find him again. Iím asking you out there if you know Gary and let me know where he is or tell him to contact me. Heís a tall left-handed fly fisherman who used to live in Brattleboro Vt. He loves to catch Stripers, Shad, and Atlantic Salmon. He also likes Scorton Creek and breakfast at the Marshland.
Thanks Larry