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: Camping at Monomoy? Possible? Allowed?

06-15-2003, 10:51 AM
Was just wondering if it possible to camp on the beach at Monomoy someplace? If not any suggestions on nearby stuff? Just wondering.

06-15-2003, 11:36 AM
There Is no camping on Monomoy or any national seashore area... There is permits for overland vehicles at Nauset but not Monomoy... You might look into Nickerson State Park in Brewster and there may be others..but Monomoy is off limits to camping.

06-15-2003, 09:22 PM
Nickerson is the way to go.

06-16-2003, 06:07 AM
I will check Nickerson. It is interesting that they do not allow camping on the natl seashore there. It is something that is very popular here at Cape Lookout Natl seashore. Thanks for the input. I am looking into it for a friend from England who is thinking of coming over next June. There is a slightly better than avg chance that I will join him. :-)

06-16-2003, 05:32 PM
Hey dude... Stop talking about me behind my back!