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: Rip Trip Policy

06-14-2003, 10:45 AM
I have not heard back from Juro or all the other Moderators but did get some responses from some.... We need to establish a Forum rule or Policy as to how to help Keith with the Rip trips.... As we all know these trips are not the norm for the Wiildlife Sactuary or the Rip Rider. The trips came about though my joining with Juro and Keith to form the first one. We have had several and they are really a priviledge extended by Keith and are not part of his usual Ferry Service. It is to be considered one of the benefits extended to the Forum and it's members. I would like to begin by indicating that no Forum member solicite Keith for trips to the South Point except Juro or myself. Keith has indicated to me that he would prefer this as well. I certainly do not want to make this "law" until I hear from Juro or other moderators who have an interest in this,but I think we have to start somewhere so, without being heavy handed, I would ask the Forum's indulgence to establish this Policy immediatly, at least until we feel there is a better way.. Thanks Very much.

06-14-2003, 01:49 PM
Very good idea. Important for keeping it simple as well as not buggin keith so much.


Rip Ryder
06-14-2003, 07:45 PM
I have asked John to keep it simple, not so much as for my convience, as it is to follow through with the guide lines that were set between myself and the US FWS. They do not want the South Island to become a free for all like North Monomoy. I expressed those concerns to John and Juro the first year. I have to stick with those guidelines. I mean nothing personal towards anyone that has tried to schedule a trip. The three of us are loud and clear on what can be done and what can not. I have to feel comfortable knowing who is down there and who is in charge. The island is a lot more sensitive than most people reallize. The rules HAVE to be followed, as far as landings and closed areas.

I will not get into detail, but there have been many problems at North Monomoy over the last two summers with fisherman taking things into their own hands, as far as blowing off signs, walking the shortest route to their hot spot. Some of those people are members of this forum. Tickets have been written, and some not so pleasant attitudes were released on Refuge Law Enforcement and even Sharon Marino the Manager, when they were confronted on the island. This can not be happening out there! John and Juro are clear on that, and I feel confident that they will not stand for anything less.
I mean in recent weeks, things have gotten out of hand on the Morris Island headquarters. Guys ignoring the signs and crossing over to go to the Porta Potties or even better, someone dropped Trow behind the mangers window of the office last week, while Sharon was sitting at her desk. Unfortunately, the majority will eventually pay the price for the ignorant few!!
The members of the forum are working hard to create a standing relationship with the Refuge, I think we the members of this forum maybe need to start policing the rest of the Flyfishing world out there, so as to keep this privelege of going to the island open to those of us, who really consider it a special place to go, whether it be North Monomoy, South Beach or South Monomoy.
The future of fishing those islands is in the hands of those, who excerise the privelege of going out there.
Please Tread lightly out there!
And Please, try and understand what John, Juro and myself are trying to do for you with this unique trip.


06-14-2003, 09:20 PM
Thanks Keith for some of the details... I intend honor what the situation requires... so our Policy will be enforced from our end. We recognize that our relationship with the refuge is key and we intend to keep that relationship honest and most of all, responsible. Thanks for posting...