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: Rip Trip Scheduling

06-13-2003, 02:18 PM
I know Craig is trying to orgainize a trip for next week... but I wanted to get some feeling for July as well.. I will be on the Cape pretty much the whole month of July... so I am wondering if scheduling a trip "during "the week will give us more options as far as weather is concerned.. Here is what I will do.. I will contact Keith and get a feel for his July schedule.. Basically see what it is like and what he can do... then once I get Dates, I will post them and Keiths limits... I will look at weekdays as well as Weekends... so if anyone is going to be on vacation on the Cape let me know, that would also include anyone on vacation in August as well. I will scheule August also...We need to look beyond the weekends... like a Friday with a back up day Saturday. So.... once I get Keiths feeling on this I will begin a orgainized attack, My object is to get EVERYONE down there at some point this summer... I will focus primarilly on Weekends but see what the flexibility is for weekdays...I will ask Keith what is his limit on the ability to go down there... 5 times a summer?, 10 times?, you know..that kind of thing... Once the limits are established I will set up a "summer" Schedule.... This way we get to schedule when we are available to attend... with back up persons as well for the inevitable drop outs... so the weather will be key...but with a good weather string... which there will be ,we can get this done... any thoughts.

06-14-2003, 08:42 PM
The thoughts I would like to contribute is one should consider the time of low tide when scheduling a trip. It has been my experience that things can really heat up out there a couple hours before low to a couple hours after. With the boat leaving at 7:00, a 1/2 hours ride out there and the 20 minute walk to the point, in my opinion the window for the best tides to be out there is when low tide will occur between say 10:00am and 1:00pm. What are other peoples opinions?