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: Upper Narr. Bay 6-12

06-12-2003, 04:30 PM
Striper fishing was on the slow side this week. Low water tides and minimum current flows cause by moon phases kept the bait stagnant. Apparently the large schools of silversides that were once present in the open waters of the upper bay have broken up. Silversides have moved to shallower waters to propagate and protect themselves around structure. Plenty of shrimp around in calmer coves as the spartina grass continues to mature.

Adult menhaden have surprisingly appeared in the upper bay. Small pods of pogies were located off Barrington Beach and Colt State Park. Most schools were swimming around in nervous circle patterns getting picked off by strafing 10-pound bluefish. Some stripers to 15 pounds were in the mix too but not in any great numbers. Casters snagging pogies with weighted treble hooks than replacing them with tandem hook setups were effective on bluefish. The second trailer hook is needed, otherwise you would have nothing to show for your presentation but a fish head.

Tautog fishing remains consistent at Ohio Ledge. Boats anchored up using green crabs have been taken their limits but with numerous throwbacks. Warwick Light and Conimicut Light have also produced, but on a lesser degree.

Mid bay islands had a mix of stripers and bluefish. Action was slow but the weather was cooperative. It seems like half the fleet read recent fishing reports. Areas from Pine Hill on the western shore to Patience Island kept anglers happy with a few fish. Most fish were taken casting lures toward shore in less frequent boat traffic. Drifting made for more quietly conditions and a few more hook-ups.

Mark (Double Haul) Dysinger and his dad Art finally ventured to the Ocean State Saturday to find bass fishing on the slow side. Mark treated his dad to an early Fatherís Day fishing expedition aboard the charter boat, ďCast a Fly complements of the Fly Fishing Forum.Ē Thanks Mark for your sponsorship and patronage of the Forum.

Weather conditions were fine but lack of water movement curtailed the fishing bite. Along the way, dad (Art) had fun snagging and live lining pogies to aggressive bluefish. The jokes and the banter were non-stop. Art started giving the pogies nicknames, which got me to wonder.:hehe: Artís a United States postal worker by trade, one of the most stressful jobs in America. I can see way, licking all those stamps all day. But arenít they self-adhesive now? For safe measures, I hid the flare gun too. Really, it was nice to see Art feeling fit and well after by-pass surgery. Spending the day on the water with your dad was a priceless experience, Mark.

Thanks for letting me tag along too.

06-12-2003, 07:24 PM
Excellent to hear from you. Everything been alright?

Great report btw, hoping to get down to S. County soon and give it a whirl from my parents boat.

Take care,

06-12-2003, 11:42 PM
Ray, gonna dump the boat in at Great Island and try slingin some snakes around the short wall at Georges Sat night. It`ll be the first time I`ve picked up my eeling rod in two yrs. High at sunset, cloudy and a full moon could make for a very rewarding evening. If all goes as planned I could be crooning a tune to the moon in June. Lookit me I`m a poet. I`ll keep you posted.

06-13-2003, 06:03 AM
Hi Capt.Ray -

As you've said to me before the trick is to enjoy the experience and pursuit more than the end result because those are the only things we can really control. The fish are a bonus!

Great to hear from you again and I look forward to riding on the "chariot" soon. Besides, I love polish jokes and you know more than anyone! ;)

06-13-2003, 06:37 AM
Great report! Whole pogies, certainly a sign of good things to come. I still remember my trip with you well. Those blues were bruisers.

Dble Haul
06-13-2003, 08:14 AM
Ray, we had a great time too. I'll have to tell my dad that the stamps are self-adhesive now. :hehe: