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: June Journal Entries / Deerhawk

06-10-2003, 11:53 PM

Fri. 6-6-03 8pm
This trip, like others, started with the end of another work week. The boss said we would leave at 11am, cause of the 95+* heat wave we have had. Bottom line, we worked till 3pm.....need I explain?.....thank's.
After Banks, Bills, and Bull S***, I was headed southeast about 200 miles from my house, to a logpole forest with a river...... sorry, thats all your gettin from me! 4 hours of driving brought me from the dusty exaust of the city to the sweet alpine air of the mountains. I rolled quietly into a roadside rest around midnight and parked between 2 eighteen wheelers. ( ok, not the best spot). I crawled into the back of the truck, commented to myself how comfortable plywood is, and as my head hit the bedroll, the universe stopped.

Sat. 6-7-03
The truck on the right re-started the universe with an un-earthly release of air from somewhere in the bowels of it's mechanical structure, and even though I HAD NOT asked for a wake up call, I decided to hit the road.
It was 4:45 am, the horizon was light, that is what I could see of it through last night's hatch, most of which found it's way on to my windscreen. Back on the road and about 45 mins. from the river, 4+ hours of sleep and NO coffee, the local deer population start screwing with my head. You know the drill. Bambi, or Bambi's cousin, inocently darting out in front of you from a stand of tree's. Or mabye quietly munching grass on one side of the road, untill you are right on top of them. Then it's" Oh gee, I think I will just cruise over to the other side of the road.....Oh look' it's a Human in a 1500 # truck, and his tires are smoking"
5:30 am
At the river, I chose my access carefully. One that left the road at an angle, non-descript, meandering through the forest, right turn, bump, bump, around the big pine, bump, left turn, bump bump. I pulled up in a clearing as the dust settled. It was already getting warm.
I got out and made the short walk to the top of a rise of protruding rocks. The hill fell away revealing the water, slightly high, with a 90* bend and 2 eddies, the one on my side spinning clockwise, the one on the oppisite shore spinning in the other direction. The Yin and the Yang

More tomorrow....