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: (Bob) Meiser Rods: HiKo and major cool!

06-09-2003, 07:21 PM
Have a Redington 11'3"6/7 'single hander' used "close in" summer run fishing ... a lot of which was one hand rod spey casting and trout fishing on the Rogue's Holy Water. The short butt made this a 'workable' pain in the a.., but workable.

Bob took my rod and put on a 6" new butt section; Lordie is this a wiz-bank rod with the changes. Just 'grass casting' and only about two wraps of a 90' 7wt DT left on the reel. Can only immagine how this rod would work with the light WC or another brands short head spey line.

Best of all!!! my seach for a 5wt spey rod may be over. Bob makes a 5/6 'switch cast' rod at just under 12 foot. Will get a chance to play with a demo rod on Wednesday ..... already transfering "funds" into the 'secret toy' account. Ya Baby!!!