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06-09-2003, 03:20 PM
Hit the reef yesterday. I got up at 3:00 AM after laying in bed looking at the clock since 1:00 AM. Picked up the guys and headed to Casper. Hit the water around 9:00 Am and only picked up 2 fish and turned 2 others until about 2:00PM. I was walking along the dam and spotted some fish working in a back eddy. I snuck down to the waters edge and found the willows alive with midges. The water was full of midge pupa with fuzzy heads and tails that I was able to match with a size 22 barbed wire. First cast I was onto a fish. I took about 10 in the next 2 hours including a 22 inch cut-bow that did not fight worth a s@*& and a thick rainbow that was just under 20". We then moved down stream to the honey hole and got into the fish big time. Orange scuds were on the menu and the fish responded to our offerings with vigor. The water was up and in the heavy current I needed 6 pound tippit to land the fish. we caught fish steadly until dusK including a fish that took me right to the backing and was over 20 in the net. Thick and tall he had a bit of a kype and had grown fat eating scuds. Chris was adding weight to his line and a fish came right out of the water and took his fly practically out of his hand. That may sound hard to believe the the fish will stack up in the dead water below where you stand. I was able to turn a fish on a griffiths gnat after the sun passed over the hillside but the rest of the fish were all sub-surface. We hit the road around 9:00 and I got home at 1:30 AM. I made it into work at 7:15, man am I tired.


06-09-2003, 05:22 PM
Great report, I wish the river near me was as alive with fish as that spot. What size rod do you use?

06-09-2003, 05:39 PM
Brad, you make the hardcore angler community proud with your antics. I am convinced if you could fish thru the night and go straight in to work, you would ;)

John Desjardins
06-10-2003, 08:22 AM
That sounds like a great road/fishing trip. How's the runoff progressing this spring?

06-10-2003, 08:31 AM
The reef section of the Platte is good because it is so darn far from anything. WY does a good job maintaining min flows to keep the fish healthy. They also stock it to keep everyone happy and have a limit of one fish over 20" to take home. I used to fish a soft 5wt there and could not land the fish. The rod would bend so much that I would hold it way behind me and still not be able to reach the fish. The only way was to beach the fish. Also I could not put enough pressure on the fish to land it quickly. I picked up the saltwater version of a 6wt tip flex orvis trident with a fighting butt and it is perfect for that water. My buddy fishes a 7 weight there. I do not bring a camera anymore. I posted a picture from there under the thread bronze bow.