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: Saturday South beach

06-09-2003, 11:03 AM
Initial plans were to hit the North Shore for a quick morning as the forecast wasn't great. Decided though that I could fish the North Shore after work next week, so why not try my hand at some migrating cows.

Took the 9am shuttle across to hear that the Rip Trip was cancelled. I had hoped to bump into some of them, but never found them. Nothing really going, had two twinkies and a few miles under my belt as the sun faded into greyness.

Best part of the day was as the sun really went into never never land, the wind all but stopped. I've never been out on Monomoy with such silence. Apart from the occasional boat, there was no noise. The water was glass. If there was any sun, it would have been nothing short of heaven. Problem was, you couldn't see the bass until they saw you. I did have a few shots at V wakes cruising the shallows in less than 2' of water. Really cool to see all the nervous water moving along...ended up lining the school and they made a hasty exit.

Got back to hear 4 or 5 reports of big bass surface feeding all over the north shore saturday morning... Sometimes you just can't win!


06-09-2003, 04:31 PM
Thanks for the report Nick, of course when you hit the North Shore the big bass will be surface feeding all over South Beach! ;)

At least you were out there, some of us had a non-fishing weekend :rolleyes: