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: 7 Days on the Cape

Greg Pavlov
06-06-2003, 04:50 PM
FINALLY, after all of the waiting starting the day after
my October trip ended, I got to the Cape and
spent 7 out of 10 days fishing hard, mainly from
Nauset Beach down to South, west to Harding,
and a run one night to Scossut. I was completely
blown out one day - the 1st of June - but did
get out that night. That's when I ran down to the
other end of the Cape and tho I caught only one
schoolie, I did see a nice display of Northern Lights
over NW Cape Cod Bay.

I caught quite a few fish but only two "keepahs"
(which I let go, of course...), a 28" and a 31-32 inch
about 20 minutes apart on Nauset Beach. I also
caught my first shad, in and around the Rip Ryder
boats. I also talked to Keith Lincoln to sort out our
electronic miscommunications.

My brother and a friend were there for part of the
time and they caught as well. The friend, who's never
fished for stripers before, was using a spinning rod and
caught several very nice fish on Nauset Beach using
a deer hair jig.

Being way out of shape I overdid the wading and
walking about half the days and had a heck of a
time getting out of the car after driving back to my
cottage. By the next-to-last day, I was telling myself
that I'd had enough, I was ready to go home, but I
stayed out all of the night before I left. As I was
catching some schoolies early the last morning at
Minister's Point, with a nice breeze left-to-right to
make casting easy, the sun shining, and the air at
a nice cool temp, I was regretting leaving and wondering
how soon I could get back. It happens every time I'm
about to leave the Cape.

I did run into one thing that I haven't encountered
before that I'd appreciate some advice on. I was using
14 lb test tippet most of the time, borrowed fluoro 15
one day when I ran out of mono. Twice, as I was
stripping line, I had mammoth takes, and tippet breaks
before I could react. For one of them, I could hear my
line slash through the water for a split (whole ?) second
before the tippet went. I feel like I should have let the
line go, or loosen my grip to let it run through my stripping
hand. Is that the right thing to do ? Both times things
seemed to happen too quickly to react well.

06-06-2003, 05:17 PM
You might have run into some blue fish. The big blues will either bite you off or when they strike they are swimming so fast and you go to stop them or set the hook the line can't stand the pressure. In this case I have been told by guides to just let the fish go, do not try to stop the fish or set the hook. Just my .02

06-07-2003, 06:28 AM
Choppers IMHO. You can free-line them for a while but eventually you have to pull back. If you do and it doesn't part, then you're probably going to be ok until later in the fight when the fish starts to thrash with it's mouth open and shake it's head, then all bets are off.


Inspect the end of the line. If it is pigtailed the knot failed. If it is cleanly sheared or there are other nicks up the line, it's a bluefish. If the line feels sanded and is clean everywhere besides the end where it broke, it has been hitting the sand too much on the backcast (as in dunes on the big beaches) or was too weak for the abrasion of striper jaws. The fish jaw abrasion does not make sense because it takes more than a momentary impact to make this cut line.

Greg Pavlov
06-07-2003, 09:28 AM
Based on the evidence, sounds like they must have been bluefish.
Too bad, wojuld have been nice to fight one for a bit.