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06-06-2003, 04:18 PM
Cutts and dollies in the estuary or steelhead and the hordes on the river?

06-06-2003, 04:30 PM
Rhetorical question I presume :).

I hear ya on steelhead fishing. I *really* want to get out. I figure I will just wait a couple more weeks for the not so hardcore steelheaders to get frustrated and give up. Seems to usually happen around the third week of June..


06-06-2003, 04:51 PM
Again, appreciate your 'searching me out' at the Sandy Clave so I could meet her. You've got a True Gem there.

06-09-2003, 05:22 PM
The wife is doing well. Although the 90+ degree weather we had over the past weekend is not pleasent when carrying around another person in your belly. Only 7 weeks left and 6 years before I will have a new fishing partner. Can't wait!

Well my wife had a baby shower on Sunday so I snuck out for a few hours to fish the snoqualmie. Water was looking pretty good for this early in the season. I could only fish mid day which aint the best time for steelhead catching but the fishing was great. Have not cast a spey rod for almost two months and it was good to see I had not lost much. Did hook a bull/dolly though which was odd as I have never run into one on the snoqualmie. However for being 80 degrees out I was not expecting to catch a thing so I am not complaining.

Really got to test my T&T 1409 out for the first time since it was in Bob Meisers skillfull hands. What a beaut and the action has been changed for the better since he put the rubberized cork grips on the rod for me. Having trouble with my digital and as soon as I get it fixed will post some pictures to show off the artist's work.


06-09-2003, 05:32 PM
My son, who just turned 19, was born during a record heat wave and I had to find AC. Babies and elderly were having heat stroke at an unprecedented rate and we lived in an oven of a house. Due to the demand, there were none to be found so I traveled all over New England looking for one. Finally, in another state, I found a commercial supplier who had a mondo AC unit that was ridiculously priced and way over powered. As a young couple we did not have that kind of money so put it on a credit card and labored it off over time. It was their only unit that could be used in a window, most were self-standing units. Good thing I might have sprung for one in my time of weakness. I lugged it home and it nearly converted my rental home into a walk-in freezer, but the newborn did not suffer from the humidity and heat and all was well.

Here's the rub... My brother in law ended up buying the house and the air conditioner is STILL RUNNING in top condition!! When I buy my next, I'll go look at the model and brand before I choose for sure.

Anyway, back on topic...

Glad you got out to the Sno, one of my ol' home rivers. I was fortunate enough to see Bob's artistry on that rod at the Sandy and all I can say is WOW!

06-09-2003, 05:37 PM
Cutts and dollies won out. The river was blown from spring melt. Headed to the north end of Camano to put the boat in and fish the salt.

Boat launch was a zoo. My partner had to back the guy in front of us down the ramp or we would still be there waiting. At least the guy was happy to let us back his rig down and launch his boat for him.

We fished the salt water right where the clear stuff met the colored water coming from the river. Caught several nice cutts in the few hours we had to fish.

I think we could have gone steelhead fishing and not seen as many people as we saw out there. Seems everyone has 2 or 3 crab pots in Skagit Bay and they all were checking them when we went fishing. I like the estuary far better. No one goes there.

Got back to launch to load our boat and the zoo was still going on. We watched several comical launches and loadings before our turn. Not a good launch for the beginner. We were told by one of the locals watching the show that they could have used us several more times to launch boats for people. Some frayed tempers from what we saw also.

I doubt I will go to the north end of Camano any time soon.